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3-2 Homework: Supermarket Pricing Strategies

Read this library article. It discusses how most supermarkets choose to position themselves by offering either everyday low prices (EDLP) across several items or offering temporary price reductions (promotions) on a limited range of items. Pick three U.S. supermarkets and analyze their pricing strategies. Are their pricing models aligned with the author’s strategies? Be sure to cite outside sources and support your analysis. For additional details, please refer to the Homework Guidelines and Rubric document.When analyzing the Company (in addition to the rubric): analyze the company, the competitive and industry background, the consumer background for this company, and anything else that you would feel is important context.For the Application of Metrics and Calculations, collect data using plus any other way you need to.Marketing Strategies and Recommendations: Once you have all the metrics, use the data to formulate recommendations. You should be able to share the recommendation, the reason why and the data or metrics used to inform your decision. What marketing strategies would you recommend for this company?The paper is 2 pages, double spaced, times new roman, 12 pt font. Please follow the rubric to use supporting information, examples, and scholarly resources from also use references from the article…

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