You will choose a Statistics topic from the material that you learned this semester and write a report about your topic. You will conduct research on the background of the topic and include an example of how the statistical approach is used in modern Engineering.Projects Due: August 15, 2015:? Research projects are to be at least 5 pages including images and excluding the Literature Cited? Paper Format: 12 Times font, single spaced, 1 in. margins? Submission: Your project is to be submitted using Blackboard and will be uploaded using the TurnItIn link under the ?Statistics Project? tabÿÿ ÿIntroduction: (? 1/2 page)oÿÿ ÿBriefly describe the reason that you chose this topicoÿÿ ÿBriefly describe the importance of this statistical approachÿÿ ÿBackground: (? 1 page)oÿÿ ÿDescribe the statistics topicoÿÿ ÿExplain who invented the approachoÿÿ ÿGiveÿ a historic background on how this technique came aboutÿÿ ÿImportance in Statistics: (? 1-2 page)oÿÿ ÿDescribe why this topic is important to statisticsoÿÿ ÿExplain in which areas of our society this approach is importantÿÿ ÿImportance in Modern Engineering: (? 1-2 page)oÿÿ ÿDescribe why this topic is important to engineering in today?s worldoÿÿ ÿExplain in which areas of engineering this approach is most importantÿÿ ÿExample of Statistical Technique: (1/2ÿ page)oÿÿ ÿMake up a real world example problem of your choosing and analyze the solution to this problem using the statistical approach that you chose. It would be best for you to use Excel for this, but you are welcome to use any software you like.oÿÿ ÿBriefly describe what the importance is of the solution to your example problem.ÿÿ ÿLiterature Cited:oÿÿ ÿAt least 3 sourcesoÿÿ ÿExample Reference: [1] A.B. Smith, C.D. Jones, and E.F. Roberts, ?Article Title?, Journal, Publisher, Location, Date, pp. 1-10.NOTE: Here are some good sites for statistical data:[You are welcome to use this Final Report Template]TITLENameDateIntroduction:TextBackground:TextImportance in Statistics:TextImportance in Modern Engineering:TextExample of Statistical Technique:TextLiterature Cited:[1] A.B. Smith, C.D. Jones, and E.F. Roberts, ?Article Title?, Journal, Publisher, Location, Date, pp. 1-10.Figure 1: Histogram of Wind Speed versus Probability Density including a Wiebull Distribution Curve Fit

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