Conservation Efforts – Biodiversity

1. Define “invasive species” using the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) website:
2. Provide three examples of invasive species in your region.
3. Define “endemic species,” and provide an example of an endemic species from anywhere in the world. If you can find an example of an endemic species in your region, please include it as well.

Read the article Political Responses: Where eagles dare. (2013, Sep 14). The Economist, 408(8853):9.
1. Name some ways that governments are trying to redress threats against endemic species. Briefly describe the examples presented in this article.
2. What is described as the biggest challenge for governments?
3. How are governments addressing this challenge?
4. Write conclusion statement that draws connections between the ideas presented.

Examine the costs and benefits of conservation using the Montgomery Botanical Centre. View the results of a study on the costs and benefits of preserving a collection of plants at the following site:
1. What are the costs associated with maintaining this collection (generally speaking, not exact numbers)?
2. What are the benefits of preserving this collection and how are they measured? (Hint: They are described as “conservation success.”)
3. What part of this collection gives diminishing returns and why?
4. How does collection size relate to efficiency of management of the collection?
5. When is it most valuable to preserve a plant species?

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