Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper

Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper

Aboriginal is an issue that is facing the child or youth population in their local community. Write a 4-page paper outlining a clear statement of the issue, explanation and relevance to rights, and outline of the project. A literature review will contain arguments supporting the issue, proposed project.Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper


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The diversity in culture and ethical affiliations of human beings serves as a reliable indicator of the level of miscellany across the globe. There are numerous communities and societies that all possess a rich heritage of language influence as well as customary laws. The aboriginal community is one of the diverse groups of individuals that has been in existence for the longest time. Sadly, children who belong to this community are continuously exposed to poor and harsh living conditions that jeopardizes their very existence. The majority of aboriginal children are known to fracture and break down due to the neglect and maltreatment that they face on a constant basis. This paper is a brief essay that discusses the aboriginal children community in terms of their problems, challenges and a detailed explanation of how their issues are in disregard of their rights and privileges.Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper

Thesis statement: The volatile nature of the aboriginal children community is an immediate source of concern for the future existence of its progeny.

Body Of The Essay

  1. a) Literature Review

The aboriginal children community is a collective term that is often used in reference to people who originated from North America and its closely associated descendants. The majority of these aboriginals are based in countries such as Canada, Australia as well as parts of the United States (Denison et al, 2014). The origin of the never ending issues among the aboriginal children community is the fact that they have been neglected and ignored for far too long. The situation is made far worse by the abuse, mistreatment and torture of the young ones. The children are the largest victims of the troubles and turbulence that continues to haunt this community (Young et al, 2015). One of the direct ways in which they suffer is that their health care continues to deteriorate with each passing day.Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper

The aboriginal children community does not have access to proper medication and this in turn leads to a cyclic collapse and corrosion of their body health. Statistics indicate that there is an alarming rise in the number of prevalence rates of diabetes among the aboriginal children (Harris et al, 2014). Specifically, type 2 diabetes is more prevalent among this young generation compared to their normal counterparts. The occurrence of this illnesses indicates that there are many other chronic illnesses that have not been accorded the right kind of treatment or given enough attention when it comes to managing their health. Moreover, aboriginal children constantly suffer from poor diet because they do not receive the proper form of nutrition (Dakuro et al, 2014).

Consequently, they are often victims of diseases related to health such as obesity, overweight issues and even malnutrition. Another issue or challenge that is common with the aboriginal children community is the fact that they are victims of drugs and substance abuse. The latter is actually categorized as a chronic and common condition that interferes with the development of this group of individuals. Additionally, their mental and physical well-being is compromised such that they do not exhibit the right kind of maturity levels within their immediate societies. The combination of all these bottlenecks is a vivid indicator of how longstanding these issues have been among this secluded community (Allison and Norton, 2014).Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper

Moreover, it also shows that there is a deficit and loophole within the environmental and political structures that have not managed to be fully resolved.

The occurrence of the lifestyle diseases such as malnutrition, diabetes as well as obesity shows that the aboriginal children community is not well taken care of by its respective government. What’s more, it also indicates that there are large gaps that exist in terms of the knowledge and information that these community has in its possession (Bailie et al, 2014).Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper

The lack of awareness and enlightenment is one of the core contributors to the constant tribulations that they face.  As a result, it is common to see children who belong to the aboriginal community suffer from manageable conditions such as psychological problems and even low self-esteem. Furthermore, the aboriginal children community belongs to a marginalized population that requires urgent forms of sensitizations programs and platforms to help them deal with their issues (Byers et al, 2012).

The information acquired from such courses can help in optimizing their health and at the same time provide lifelong skills that will empower aboriginal children to take control of their lives. This will go a long way in assisting them to gain confidence in their native culture, customs and traditions as well (Maher and Bellen, 2015). A close analysis into the setbacks faced by the aboriginal children community would reveal that their issues stemmed put of being coerced into confirming to the culture of the western people. In return they were to denounce their own beliefs, values and traditions that they had followed for quite some time (Maher and Bellen, 2015).

The end result of this marginalization was the forceful eviction from their homes and in turn relocated to residential areas that were far away from their roots. Apart from poor health, the aboriginal children community also constantly suffered from frequent beatings and lashes that came with speaking their own language. Instead, their oppressors required them to speak in another language apart from their first language (Bailie et al, 2014).Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper

Consequently, this children suffered from a lot of scars both physically and on their emotions as well. Their extended families were also not spared as they suffered from the humiliation that came with this harassment (Byers et al, 2012). However, there are laws and legislations that exist within various countries that try to curb the issue of mistreatment among the aboriginal children community.

  1. b) Relevance To Rights On Aboriginal Children Community

The United Nations Convention contains a provision that endeavors to uphold and protect the rights of the child. To begin with, Article six of the UN constitution states that it is the right of every child to be alive. This means that children should be accorded the proper living conditions that will facilitate their enhanced growth. Additionally, Article 24 also focuses on the rights of children when it comes to their health care (Harris et al, 2014).Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper

This article goes further to explain that children have the right to have safe drinking water, healthy meals as well as sanitary places to live. Moreover, their immediate environment should be safe and free from all forms of pollution. As such, it means that the law protects the rights of the aboriginal children community in terms of their health and well-being (Dakuro et al, 2014).

At the same time, it also means that they deserve to be protected by their governments so that they can enjoy decent housing, basic needs and affordable education. This is one of the ways that can guarantee their continued existence in a harmonious manner.Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper





It is the right of every child to have and receive the most fundamental and instrumental necessities such as decent housing and health care. The aboriginal children community is one category of children that has continually been mistreated due to their ethic and cultural affiliations. These group has experienced poor health services, evictions from their homes and even oppression from invading societies. The law is very clear when it comes to the protections and preservation of children’s’ rights. It is anticipated the various articles of the law can help a lot in mitigating the maltreatment of the aboriginal children community.Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper

Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Each student group will act as a community participating in The Healthy Kids Community Challenge delivering a local project that includes activities directed at addressing an issue for children and/or youth in their community.http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/public/programs/healthykids/

Identification of an Issue: aboriginal children community

Identify an issue that is facing the child or youth population in their local community. Write a 4-page paper outlining a clear statement of the issue, explanation and relevance to rights, and outline of the project. A literature review will contain arguments supporting the issue, proposed project

Work around my ideas to guide your work Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper

The issue that has plagued the aboriginal communities for decades is one that directly affects children and produces a cyclic deterioration of population health. Currently there is a rise in child obesity and Type 2 Diabetes among the young aboriginal population causing chronic illnesses and inadequate health management within communities. Substance abuse is another highly prevalent chronic condition that affects the aboriginal youth and inhibits their mental wellbeing and healthy growth within society. These longstanding issues are a direct result of structural, political, and environmental factors that have not been adequately resolved. Both childhood diabetes and substance abuse are interconnected in origin and outcomes as type 2 Diabetes and child obesity are due to poor lifestyle choices reflected through gaps in knowledge, in turn creating low self-esteem and psychological problems which predisposes them to substance abuse. With such a marginalized population there must be culturally sensitive programs in place to optimize health and provide teaching that will empower the children to take control over their lives while holding onto their culture and traditions.
Background  Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper
Historically Aboriginal people have been marginalized and forced to conform to the Western culture, leaving behind their values, beliefs and traditions. They were forcibly taken from their homes to residential schools hundreds of miles away. They were often beaten and tortured for speaking their own language. This has created may emotional and physical injuries not only to the victims, but has extended to their families today. Issues such as substance abuse, violence at home, poor eating habits and high risk for suicides are all tragedies that need to be addressed. Research has shown that there are very few programs available to the Aboriginal community that addresses these concerns, much less utilizes their traditions.Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper


With our program there are several rights under the UN convention on the Rights of the Child that would be protected. Beginning with the Article 6, by which the child has a right to be alive. Children should not be dying due to poor health in Canada. Article 24 focuses on the rights of a child to have access to the best health care, safe water to drink from, nutritious food and a safe environment. Our programs main service will be attempting to provide children with access to most if not all of these. Since physical activity is an important part of fulfilling a healthy lifestyle, Article 31 which focuses on the right of a child to play and rest would also be protected.
Furthermore, article 4 indicates that the government has a responsibility to make sure these Aboriginal children have their rights protected and must help the families by fostering an environment where they can grow, develop and reach their own potentials. Article 17 provides the right for the Aboriginal peoples and children to get information and understand more about their well-being, which would be facilitated in our program. Article 26 will focus on poverty amongst the Aboriginals where they have the right to be granted help from the government, as well as article 27 stating that they also have the right to food, clothing, shelter and overall basic needs. Lastly, article 33 will target the individuals that from drug addictions as their right is to be protected from harmful drugs and the drug trade.Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper

Marking rubric

Area Assessed Comments Marks (Letter Grade)

Clear statement of Issue

Explanation of Issue

Relevance to Rights

Description of Project related to Issue

Literature Review

Creates argument supporting the Issue and proposed project

Supports importance in terms of child’s rights


Summarizes Issue

Reiterates merit of project to alleviate the Issue


Grammar / Sentence Structure, Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper

Total Mark Aboriginal Children Community Assignment Paper


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