REPOST/QUICK TURN AROUND NEEDED – 2-3 page research paper on Nursing Turnover within the Ambulatory Care Setting

Evidence-Based Practice  [provide definitions for a) evidence-based practice, b) quality improvement, and c) research.  Please include references using APA format.]

Describe how you would use each process (e.g. EBP, QI, and research) to address the selected quality indicator in Ambulatory Care.

A.     Description of Clinical Problem/Situation: Nursing Turnover within the Ambulatory Care (ACS) Setting

B.     PICO Question

The following PICO question has been devised to guide this exploration of the scientific literature and other essential forms of evidence.

PICO Question Components:

P:  [patient, population, or problem] Nurse Retention within the Ambulatory Care Setting

I: [intervention or treatment] Factors that may positively influence retention rate

C:  [comparison with other treatments, when warranted] Factors that may negatively influence retention rate

O:  [outcome]  ?

Question:  What factors may positively (I) or negatively (C) impact nursing retention within the Ambulatory Care Nursing setting (P), (O)?

C.     Sources of Evidence & References [types of evidence – published, expert opions, patient preferences, etc.]

Article 1 –

Article 2 –

D.     Critical Appraisal of the Evidence [briefly describe how this was done – used the Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP criteria, provider an evidence rating for each article/evidence source used [e.g. 1A, 3C etc.]

[ex:  Each article was critically appraised using the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidenced-based Practice Research criteria.  As an example, the article ……

Questions to consider – should we implement the practice recommendations? Would this change improve nurse retention outcomes? Would it improve overall unit/pavilion operations e.g. costs, workload, culture? Can the evidence be translated inn other ways e.g. policy/procedure development?

E.    the practice recommendations? Would this change improve our nurse retention outcomes? Would it improve overall unit/pavilion operations (e.g. costs, workload, and culture)? Can the evidence be translated in other ways (e.g. policy/procedure development)?



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