Applied Social and Developmental Psychology

There are two Assignments and 2 questions each. Assignment 1 comes in two parts, a case study and an article review. These are detailed below as Question 1 and Question 2. Each question has a limit of 1500 words. Question 1: Case Study Select a recent example of social policy making from the UK that falls within the material covered in this module and which interests you. A list of social policies can be found at Explain the psychology behind the intervention in your choice of social policy and then discuss and evaluate the appropriateness of the intervention with reference to recent psychological research and theory. As a conclusion you should comment on the extent to which government social policy making is appropriately evidence based. Please note that this task does not require you to describe the Government Policy in any detail. The task is about applying psychological research and theory to evaluate the policy Please use the guidance material on the module iLearn page to ensure that you do what is required. (1500 words) (50 marks) Question 2: Article review Select an article directly related to the contents of this module, published after 2000 in a peer reviewed journal. The article you choose must not cover the same material that you used in your case study in Question 1 of part 1 of the module assessment (the Case Study above) nor that used in the newspaper articles in the second assignment . The article review should: • Briefly explain the relevance of the article to the research and theory presented in the module. • Provide a detailed critical discussion of its contribution to the area of applied social and developmental psychology. Please use the guidance material on the module iLearn page to ensure that you do what is required? Assignment 2 Task: Newspaper Articles 1 and 2. (25 marks each) Write TWO informed articles based on research evidence and current affairs for the audience of a “serious” UK newspaper like the Guardian, the Times, the Observer or the Independent. Part of the task is to adapt the writing style to that of an educated reader who is not a psychology specialist. Each article should address an aspect of different areas of the module content of your choice. However, they must be different from each other and different from the social policy question and the article review from Assignment 1. You must evidence your writing, making sure you present it in a way that will be intelligible for an audience who are not specialised psychologists. There is guidance on the referencing for this task on the module iLearn page Each Article should not exceed 1500 words (3000 in total).

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