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How has democratization affected China

How has democratization affected China

Analyze how the trend of democratization has affected China.
In your essay, you should
-Express a clear thesis statement (opinion) about how democratic this country is
-Define democracy
-Discuss the country’s political history
-Explain how the country has become more democratic over time.
-Evaluate political participation in the country

How has Democratization Affected China?

Over the past few centuries, governance in the globe has shifted to a more democratic direction as seen in such acts as the abolition of slavery and end of formal colonialism in the world. China is a country whose political system is a mystery, especially to the Westerners. Its governance has been faced by series of crisis whilst sponsoring modernization in the nation. Democratization in China, although moving at a comparatively slow pace has substantially evolved over the past years. It has affected the economic, social and political aspects of the country in a favorable manner.

Democracy and its meaning are dynamic with people from different walks of life perceiving and defining it differently. It is a word that is familiar to most people. However, often times, politicians misinterpret it to claim popular civic support. In defining democracy, an institutional/formal definition is widely preferred to by most scholars. Huntington (1984:195) defines a democratic political system to be one whose its most powerful decision-makers are elected periodically through a fair competition for votes by every adult eligible to participate in the voting process (Uhlin, par 9). It is generally referred to as a rule of the people, by the people and for the people as President Abraham Lincoln defined it (Cincotta, par 7).

China has a complex governance that seems to incorporate a little of some political systems. It is a socialist country hence its primary system is the socialist system. Since the year 1949, the country has been ruled by one party known as Chinese Communist Party (CCP) (Lawrence et. al., par 5) through the New Democratic Revolution (“China’s Perspective and Practice of Democracy” par 4). Rather than being dictatorial and hierarchical as it is common with most one-party states China’s political power is relatively highly competitive and diffuse. China’s political system embraces multi-party cooperation and consultation where CPP being the only party in the People’s Republic of China in power receives managerial support from other political parties in the country.

China, although still far from attaining a fully democratic system has become more democratic in the recent past. The country has made substantial progress in liberalizing its markets and associating itself with the world economy (Pei, par 1). This has contributed to economic freedom to most of the private citizens in China. Market-oriented reforms have also played a major part in civil liberties in the country. China has proved that no mode of democracy is universally applicable since countries differ in many aspects (“China’s Perspective and Practice of Democracy” par 4). Being a developing country, China is still advancing and its efforts cannot be disputed simply because they are not the same as those of other countries. China’s slow pace in democratic movement is influenced by her quest to establish a system that will ensure long-term wellbeing of her people.

Political participation in China has evolved and widened greatly. Seemingly, the internet has played a major role in giving Chinese citizens a platform to air their concerns (Zhong  and Li par 1). With the internet, many Chinese are able to learn their country’s current affairs and communicate with others in an unprecedented manner. This is a major step in their political participation since in the past Chinese citizens did not have freedom of expression nor did they have an opportunity to contribute to matters that affect them.

In conclusion, although moving at a slow pace, China’s is still on its road to democracy. For instance, despite that the Chinese Communist Party is the only party in power; other parties help it in the governance of state affairs. The people’s economic freedom has also evolved highly as a result of economic markets reforms. Chinese citizens’ political participation today is also a great improvement bearing that they did not have freedom of speech.

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