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Black and White Racism Stereotyping Essay Paper

Black and White Racism Stereotyping Essay Paper

Black and White Racism Stereotyping
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The innate nature of human beings lies in the fact that they out rightly question and evaluate every person that comes across their path. The majority of people try to gain and establish insights and the right direction on the characteristics and traits of the other person. The constant process of dissecting people based on their appearance, behavior and physical attributes is the resultant cause of stereotyping. The latter is based upon cognitive structures that are actually created out of a mere kernel of the overall truth where the large part is distorted beyond reality. The stereotyping of black and white people is a misconception that has existed since the ancient past and still continues to persist to date. This paper provides a brief summary into the issue of stereotyping of blacks and whites in terms of the causes and some of the viable solutions.
Thesis statement: The self-perception of a person whether black or white does not signify their might or superior ability over any other human being.
Black and White Racism Stereotyping
The process of stereotyping blacks and whites can be considered as a social norm where individuals are used to categorizing people based on their skin color. This process of segregation normally considers the white people as being more superior compared to the black ones. Historically, white skinned people were considered the superior race and as such, this gave them the white privilege (Banjo 2011, p. 137). The latter was a construction that allows whites to attend the best schools, receive the best medical care and even have top priority when it came to formal employment. On the other hand, black people are considered as inferior and mediocre such that they only received poor education and were lucky if they were able to receive medical attention. Flash forward to the present day, the stereotyping of blacks and whites still exists although some of the torturous and humiliating treatments have been eliminated (Simon et al 2013, p. 525). Black and White Racism Stereotyping Essay Paper
The main reasons and causes for the stereotyping of blacks and whites is usually a mental construct where one race sees itself as superior over the other. The majority of the white people believe that they are endowed with positive traits that in turn makes them the majority group. Consequently, the black people are seen as the minority group because they are believed to have negative traits (Ikuenobe 2014, p. 108). Additionally, the stereotyping of blacks and whites was caused by the fact that white people are seen as being wealthy and having a lot of materialistic possessions. This is in direct contrast to the blacks that are seen as aggressive and always struggling to acquire basic necessities.
Ideally, stereotyping is just a misconception within the society and the notion is held by some people that think they are better than others (Carton and Rosette 2011, p. 141). The white people make use of their white advantage to establish their own power that they then use to oppress their black counterparts. In addition, the whites result in establishing their own set of norms and rules that they expect other people to conform (Carton and Rosette 2011, p. 141). The practice of discriminating people based on their skin color or appearance also dates back to the ancient times where the Jim Crow system was still existent. During this period, the black people were humiliated and ridiculed by the whites in all manner of ways.Black and White Racism Stereotyping Essay Paper
The most common one was where whites wore black attire and painted their faces in dark paint so that they would resemble black crows. The whites saw this as a form of entertainment but to the blacks, it represented the highest form of mockery (Carton and Rosette 2011, p. 141). There are various other instances where blacks have been stereotyped negatively including the use of vulgar and abuse language. This demeaning treatment often saw black people being segregated such that there were special schools for the whites, special hospitals, leisure hotels and even special social amenities. Presently, the stereotyping of blacks and whites still exists such that people of black color are seen as a disgrace to society (Peffley and Hurwitz 2007, p. 37). What’s more, black people are still considered lazy and incapable of handling difficult tasks. Moreover, black people are constantly associated with crime such that a black people will be arrested first even if it was a white person who was actually involved in the actual crime.
The results and effects of stereotyping of blacks and whites is that it has caused a large rift between these two groups. To begin with, black people see their white counterparts as the cause of most of their problems (Abdou and Fingerhut, 2014, p. 316). The majority of blacks cannot be able to secure decent employment or proper housing because whites are given the first priority. In addition, blacks always have to compete with whites to prove that they are equally talented and capable just like them. The recent cases of shooting and killing in some American states is an indication that prejudice and segregation of blacks is still rampant.
The white community still think that he black people are synonymous with acts of crime such as stealing, murder, robbery and even homicides. This is despite the fact that America is presently being ruled by a black president. (Abdou and Fingerhut, 2014, p. 317). Stereotyping has made some African Americans consider themselves as being inferior such that their self-esteem has drastically dwindled. Moreover, some children have shown difficulty blending in with others when in school because they fear being ridiculed or being made fun off on a daily basis.
The effect of stereotyping is also seen in the places of residence where certain states are restricted to the whites and others to the blacks. This often means that the presence of young black adults in a white neighborhood is associated with all the wrong things. The white people are still seen as superior and it will require serious intervention for people to treat blacks equally the same as whites.
The recommended solution for mitigation of stereotyping of blacks and whites getting rid of the societal norms that tend to make people believe their skin color can be used to describe who they are. People should be taught that being black or white is purely a genetic trait that should not be used to define oneself (Banjo 2011, p. 139). At the same time, fairness and equality should be introduced such that white and black people are accorded the same opportunities and treatment. This means blacks should be able to live in the same neighborhood with whites and attended the same schools as they do (Simon et al 2013, p. 528). This is one way that can try to mitigate the stereotyping problems of blacks and whites.Black and White Racism Stereotyping Essay Paper



In summary, the social construction that places people in various categories based on their skin color is what constitutes to racial stereotypes. The discrimination and prejudice of both black and white people has been in existence for quite a long time. The best solution for this problem is to introduce fairness, equity and transparency such that all people are given the same kind of treatment regardless of whether they are white or black.Black and White Racism Stereotyping Essay Paper

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