Carnage 2011 directed by Roman

Please watch the movie Carnage 2011 directed by Roman Polanski and starring Kate Winslet and Jodie Foster and answer the questions in the word document. Please answer all of the questions thoroughly

Watch the movie Carnage (2011) directed by Roman Polanski- starring Kate Winslet and Jodie Foster


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The movie open and the four parents are standing over the pc – Penelope (Jodie Foster) states that the other couple’s son was “armed” with a stick. This kind of statement establishes her initial conflict resolution style as





How does Nancy (Kate Winslet) initially approach the dispute?




What does she do or say to indicate that was her approach? (Behaviors)

Nancy’s conflict style at first is





What is the purpose of the meeting? Why do you think Penelope wanted Zach’s parent to come over?

a)To understand what happened and get to know the parents

b)To establish blame

c)To seek compensation

d)To gain permission to speak with Zachary

Explain your response

Who should have been present at the discussion? Why?

Why does Alan (Christoph Walker) and Penelope have trouble communicating with each other? What do they both have in common?

When the story of the hamster is uncovered what happens to Nancy’s style of conflict resolution?

When the truth starts to emerge and the gang is uncovered what happens to the dynamics of the negotiation when the fathers form an alliance and bond on boyhood behaviors?

When Penelope and Alan bicker over the word “deliberate” Alan changes conflict styles from what to what?

a)From avoidance to competitive

b)From competitive to accommodating

c)From collaborative to competitive

d)There accommodating to competitive

When Penelope talks of “sanctioning Zachary” what happens to Nancy’s conflict style

a)From avoidance to competitive

b)From competitive to accommodating

c)From collaborative to competitive

d)From accommodating to competitive

What is Michael’s initial conflict style?





What behaviors does he demonstrate to support your response?

How do the shifting alliances change the focus of the original discussion? Men vs Women

Were they really acting in the spirit of reconciliation? Explain

What was Penelope’s position from the start? What were her interests?

Does the location of a negotiation have an impact? Why?

What happens when there are no established rules or preparation for a negotiation?

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