Case Study Analysis

Case Study Analysis of Globalized Workforces

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Case Study Analysis of Globalized Workforces

Modern leaders of globalized workforces face new challenges in developing leadership, engagement, and measuring performance and outcomes. As more workforces are working remote, different geographical locals, and time zones, the ability to establish a leadership structure to improve engagement and performance is increasingly more difficult (Northouse, 2016).

As presented in the case by Dr. Craig Marsh, the need to establish a leadership structure to manage the past and future growth of the business was critical (Laureate Education, 2016c). Marsh developed three objectives which focused on employee engagement, performance management, and leadership structure (Laureate Education, 2016c).

The employee engagement aspect was positive and yielded longevity amongst the contractors. The practitioner research by Perrin applied to the challenge of non-employee engagement and discussed below.  Also, presented below is a proposal for an alternative solution for performance management.

Employee Engagement

Case Study Analysis of Globalized Workforces
Case Study Analysis of Globalized Workforces

The employee engagement was challenged by the global workforce that was not a direct employee but rather a temporary contractor (Laureate Education, 2016c). The leadership had to develop methods to make the non-employees feel part of the organization. The establishment of the center of excellence website was effective in building engagement.

A leader must provide an ability for employees to see the value of others works and to develop a commitment to the processes and services of the company (Westcott, 2014). Perrin (2007) highlighted three elements of employee engagement that fit the case which are rational/cognitive understanding, emotional/affective attachment, and motivation/willingness. Marsh used the three elements in the development of the center of excellence thus increasing the tenure of non-employees.

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Performance management

The performance management and leadership structure impacted each other. The dashboard principle used by Marsh, although yielded positive results, the underlining front line management was not improving.

The challenge with performance tools is the acceptance of the specific areas of measurement, use of the measurement results for future development, and balancing the impact of the negative results with coaching (Dusterhoff, Cunningham, & MacGregor, 2014). The employees that view the performance measurement as justified and morally right accept the measurement (Dusterhoff et al., 2014).

The alternative, those employees that disagree with the measurement are not likely to provide accurate information (Dusterhoff et al., 2014). As indicated, the front line leadership’s views are not a part of the performance measurement dashboard. As a result, the dashboard did not indicate the issues with front-line managers ability to coach.

From experience, single page dashboards with three color indicators rarely tell the whole story. The use of a limited set of measurements is not indicative of the issues all employees face. Also, the measurements evolve with the business and are not static.

The front line leaders need to be part of the development of the measurements and provide input and feedback. The inclusion of front-line leaders ensures their acceptance of the measurements (Dusterhoff et al., 2014). Also, the inclusion of the front-line leaders increases employee engagement. The rational and emotional understanding of the company goals, values and the employees fit in the organization impacts engagement (Perrin, 2007).


Case Study Analysis of Globalized Workforces
Case Study Analysis of Globalized Workforces

Leadership structures in a modern global workforce are necessary to manage a business. As presented in the case, Marsh focused on three objectives that include employee engagement, leadership structure, and performance measurement (Laureate Education, 2016c). Employee engagement focused on including employees and non-employees into a platform called the center of excellence (Laureate Education, 2016c).

The use of the center of excellence was to rationally explain the employee’s roles in the company, to provide information about other employees work, and to motivate other employees to do more. The measurement of discretionary effort increased as employees did more without additional incentive (Laureate Education, 2016a).

The leadership structure and performance measurements missed the inclusion of the front line leaders perspectives. Although some measurements improved, the front line managers ability to coach did not improve.

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Case Study Analysis of Globalized Workforces

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