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Cathedral by Raymond Carver

by Raymond Carver


Cathedral, by Raymond Carver, is tale reveled to the reader in the first
person; however, we are left wondering the name of the narrator. An unknown
woman, the narrators’ wife, has invited Robert to their home after the death of
his wife. Robert is blind and has a strong friendship with the wife spanning
many years (Carver, 1981).
The story is told by a rude, pessimistic, prejudice man, the narrator in
Raymond Carver’s Cathedral, who has a troubled and strained marriage and does
not show any pleasure of the impending visit.

the first place, it is evident the narrator is not excited by Robert’s visit.
In the initial paragraph, the narrator appears to be bothered by the issue of
having a blind man in his house. For instance, he clearly admits that he had
never met a blind man in person. The only place he admits to having seen a
blind man was in the movies. Therefore, he does not look forward to his visit.
Additionally, he does not look forward to Robert’s visit as he is uncomfortable
with the relationship he had with his wife. From the story, it is clear that he
was not comfortable with the fact that Robert had touched his wife’s face in
the past (Carver, 1981).
He as well does not like the fact that his wife sent tapes to the blind man as
he calls him. In one of their conversation, he, tells his wife that if she
would allow him to take Robert Bowling. However, when his wife admits that he
can take him, he sarcastically tells her that he has never had a blind friend.
He is also not excited about Robert’s visit as he feels that his wife does not
mention him to Robert. However, after listening to the tape, he appears to be
satisfied when he hears him mention his name.


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is as well significant to note that the narrator is prejudice. For instance, it
is apparent that he does not like black people. When his wife tells him about
the blind’s man wife, he mockingly asks if she is black. His question annoys
his wife who feels that he is speaking like a drunken person (Carver, 1981).He also feels that the
blind’s man wedding was small, and no one would want to attend. His statement
shows that he did not respect other people. He is also not interested in the
story his wife is telling him. The narrator admits that his wife told him more
than he cared to know.

it is apparent that the narrator had a troubled relationship. For instance, he
does not like his wife’s friend an issue that annoys her. She is annoyed with
his question about Robert’s wife, to a point that she throws the potato on the
flow. It also appears that he would not have any normal conversation with his
wife (Carver, 1981).
He does not seem to care about her stories and her poem. The narrator admits
that he did not understand his wife’s poem to the blind man; however, he had to
pretend that he was listening. The narrator’s wife appears to be uncomfortable
in the marriage. She does not talk much about her husband.


story is told by an unpleasant, pessimistic, prejudice man, the narrator in
Raymond Carver’s Cathedral, who has a troubled and strained marriage and does
not show any pleasure of the impending visit. For instance, he is not
comfortable with the idea of having a blind man in his wife. He also appears to
dislike black people, and they do not share much with his wife.


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Carver, R. (1981). Cathederal. Retrieved June 29, 2016.

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