Causes and Types of Cerebrovascular Accidents

Causes and Types of Cerebrovascular Accidents

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Causes and Types of Cerebrovascular Accidents

Cerebrovascular Accident is a medical term used to define a stroke. It is a health care issue that is caused by inadequate or excessive blood flow to the brain that results in the death of brain cells.

It is one of the leading causes of death for the elderly.

Some of the conditions that increase the chances of having a stroke are high blood pressure, tobacco smoking, heart disease and diabetes. It is therefore essential to get rid of these conditions in time before they cause a severe effect of stroke occurrence.

Any disorder that tempers with the blood pressure level have the possibilities of creating a stroke. High blood pressure can lead to the rapture of blood vessels responsible for supplying blood to the brain causing hemorrhagic stroke.

Low blood pressure can lead to inadequate blood flow to the brain leading to the death of brain cells and therefore causing ischemic Cerebrovascular Accidents. Thus, a stroke is divided into two types depending on the causes.

Ischemic Cerebrovascular Accidents happens when blood vessels to the brain are blocked which reduces the rate of blood flow to the brain. Common ischemic strokes are thrombotic and embolic.

Causes and Types of Cerebrovascular Accidents
Causes and Types of Cerebrovascular Accidents

A thrombotic stroke happens when a blood clot forms in the arteries that supply blood to the brain.

Embolic stroke is the formation of a blood clot away from the mind preferably the heart, and then it flows with the bloodstream to block a narrow vessel flowing blood to the brain.

The two limit the blood flow to the brain which causes an ischemic stroke to a person.

Hemorrhagic stroke, on the other hand, occurs when blood vessels are transporting blood to the brain ruptures. It is made possible by very high blood pressure that cannot be contained by the walls of the arteries and weak sports in the blood vessels known as aneurysms.

Blood vessels burst and spill blood in the brain tissues which damages brain cells. Other cells that need the blood are also deprived of their demand which leads to the death of the cells.

The effect on the normal functioning of the brain cells is high contributors to Cerebrovascular Accidents.


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Causes and Types of Cerebrovascular Accidents

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