Contributions Made by Nursing Students to Clinical Care

Contributions Made by Nursing Students to Clinical Care

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Investigate the contributions made by nursing students to clinical care

Nursing students are usually placed in healthcare provision settings to provide support to registered nurses and at the same time gain experience in the field.

A nursing student is not equipped with enough skills and knowledge to provide medical care to patients compared to registered nurses who call for support and guidance through the healthcare provision process.

The exposure to the real medical care provision prepares the students to face the real world by providing adequate care after their studies.

contributions made by nursing students to clinical care
contributions made by nursing students to clinical care

Trained and certified nurses take up the role of instructors during the medical attachment and ensure the student learns everything possible done in the field.

It calls for patient, correction and understanding since the student is prone to making lots of mistakes and needs correction.

Healthcare profession deals with people’s lives, and therefore any diagnostic and treatment measures must be assessed by qualified medical personnel before it is enacted.

Increase in patient population has impacted a lot of pressure on the existing qualified medical personnel.

The attempt, to offer medical services to all the patients within a limited time frame creates an opportunity for medical errors. Nursing student when on attachment or internships in medical practices increases the level of services.

Though they are not tasked with complicated medical procedures, they are assigned simple healthcare provision duties where they cannot make mistakes.

They help relieve qualified nurses and other medical practitioners of pressure that could have contributed to fatigue and errors.

With minimum supervision, they can provide care services in a while learning at the same time.

contributions made by nursing students to clinical care
contributions made by nursing students to clinical care

Medical practitioners also learn new procedures and refresh their skills as they instruct the new nurses to adjust on how the healthcare field functions.

They can come up with new, efficient and straightforward medication procedures. The more an individual instructs others about a particular practice, the better he becomes in the field.

Therefore, nursing students help qualified healthcare providers in gaining more skills and knowledge which makes treatment more efficient.

Most interns also offer health care services for free or at low costs because it is a learning process.

It, therefore, saves medical practices the cost of employing more personnel to handle the increased patients’ population.

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Investigate the contributions made by nursing students to clinical care

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