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United should emphasize on its counterterrorist strategies so as to succeed in defeating
Afghanistan.  However, the United States
should be careful, and one of the most important principles they should keep in
mind is respect to the Islamic religion. Muslims are strict, and they tend to
take their religion seriously. Hence, it is important for the United States to
keep this in mind when developing counterterrorism strategies. It is also
significant to ensure that they use the development funds well. The funds are
critical as they help the government plan and execute their strategy. Education
is another principle that the United States should keep in mind when developing
counterterrorism strategies.


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I agree with you, it is important for the United States to follow the six
principles when developing their counterterrorism strategy. Corruption also may
hinder the implementation of the counterterrorism policies.  In general, I feel that you have well
explained your answer, and it is easy for a reader to understand. 


I like your answer as it is evident for one to understand. The United States
should focus on improving its counterterrorism strategies. The military makes
sure that they stick to the policies so as to make the execution strong. People
should make a clear plan so as to execute it properly.


of Islamic religion will assist in building trust among the people. Disrespecting
Islam may force the Muslims to go further away from a state and their maybe
lack of respect for them. The Afghanistan may continue being aggressive and
this may cause more conflicts.  Muslims
are strict with their religion, and the Koran guides them. Therefore,
respecting the religion would help the state to gain trust from the community.
They will be able to create a bond that would assist in fighting terrorism. The
community may be able to share information concerning any future attack.


I like your answer as it is easy for one to understand. The United States will
have the ability to change the propaganda spread by Taliban concerning the
West. The community will know that the United States is fighting for their
good, and this would increase the strength of the counterterrorism strategies.


have continued to understand the counterterrorism policies. The United States
should learn from the past mistakes and develop a strong relationship with the
Muslims. Respecting their religion would help in generating respect among the
Islamic community. They would feel that they are important and respected. In
most cases, Muslims are treated as minority groups, and this makes them more


I like your answer, the three factors are critical to the success of
counterterrorism efforts by the United States. They help the United States in
understanding the cultural conditions of the community. It is also important to
understand the security architecture of the nation so as to be successful.


It is true that Pakistan’s Pushtun tribal region is involved in the war. The tribe participates in the Afghanistan and Pakistan border wars. They were also part of the Soviet Union which was against the United States. The United States should keep these factors in mind so as to succeed in their counterterrorism strategies. The United States should also understand that Pakistan is changing and people are growing in number.

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