The six tactical
imperatives and two micro-strategies

of the six suggested principles is to avert collateral damage so as to steer
clear of the rise of the insurgent ranks. Another principle is to ensure that
the development funds are well spent. Additionally, he suggests that it is
important to make sure that there is a regular presence within the remote and
rural areas (Harmon, Pratt & Gorka, 2011). He also maintains that education
is vital; hence, the state should make sure that they commit to a longer-term
effort of enhancing the education capacity of all the citizens. He suggests
that for the Taliban to be defeated it is critical to respect Islamic religion.
The last proposed principle is that the state should not support any
invasion.  The micro-strategies suggested
include the expansion of the incidence of cross-border shuras among Pakistani
and Afghan sub-tribes.  Another micro
strategy proposed include the development outposts along popular territory in

“Security architecture

architecture is a plan developed by the state and the military to help in
protecting the nation from terrorist. In this case, the government can set up
the military and a guideline showing all the protective measures that should be
undertaken (Harmon, Pratt & Gorka, 2011). The plan can include training of
the army and other security personnel. Another important aspect of the scheme
is making sure that the government has all the needed equipment to assist in
protecting the country.

Main concepts of pushtunwali

of the major concepts of pushtunwali is Memastia, which means hospitality. It
requires every person to be welcoming to all the individuals that visit their
homes. Another major principle is Badal, which means revenge. It states that
every person has the right to avenge the death of their beloved ones. Another
primary policy is Nanawatei, which says that a person should protect themselves
against their enemy (Harmon, Pratt & Gorka, 2011). Everyone is also
required to protect their land and family. Another principle also requires that
every person should be faithful to their tribe and family.  The pushtunwali also requires that all the
people should behave in a righteous way. The belief in God is another vital
concept. Respect for all women is also important. It also requires that
everyone should be courageous and demand respect. Another major rule is the
protection of the weak.  The pushtunwali
is important as it guides the people against their enemies. 


Harmon, C. C., Pratt, A.
N., & Gorka, S. (2011). Toward a grand strategy against terrorism.

New York: McGraw Hill Companies.

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