Create a recovery focused nursing care plan for the mental health patient from case study 2

Create a recovery focused nursing care plan for the mental health patient from case study 2

no introduction and conclusion are required and that the word count is 1500 works with 20% over or under allowed

create a Recovery based nursing care plan for the patient in case study 2.
the assignment is to be completed in the format provided in the attached document including completion of HONOs
One goal per page
Requiring 22 Referances, UK english

Discipline of Nursing
Complex Mental Health & Recovery 1
Recovery Focused Nursing Care Plan
DUE: Sunday 19th April 2015 by 23:59 [End of Week 6].
Title: Recovery Focused Nursing Care Plan
1500 [approx.] Word Assignment
25 %
Please see the Recovery Focused Nursing Care Plan Information Package
for full details of the Assignment.
This document provides all of the necessary details for Case Study 2.
Case Study 2: The Client with Schizophrenia
Clinician Role: Case Manager (Nurse): Community Case Management
Identifying Information: Bernard is a 25-year-old single male currently
residing as an inpatient mother in the local Mental Health Unit where he has
been a patient for the past 14/7. Prior to this admission you had been casemanaging
Bernard in the community for the past 9 months. He was admitted
with worsening psychotic symptoms over a 4/52 period in the context of
poor compliance with his oral medication that he puts down to due to
increased stress at home and work. He has been re-established on his
medication with good effect and you are seeing him today to review him and
discuss his discharge plan before he is discharged home in 2/7 time. Bernard
is not religious, works part-time as a labourer for his uncle (who is a brick
layer). Bernard lives with his parents and his younger sister in the family



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