Crime lab science

Case Scenario Part VII

Sudbury, MA State Police Crime Laboratory

July 20, 2017

1. DNA results from the Jim Jones are given below. Determine the frequency of occurrence and the match probability for this profile.

I have posted a solution to a DNA profile in the course resources. You can use this as a guide for your calculations. Please indicate how you arrived at your answers. You can use an excel spreadsheet or do the calculations by hand.

Locus Allele(p) Frequency Allele(q) Frequency
VWA 14 0.094 15 0.111
TH01 5 0.002 7 0.19
D5S818 10 0.051 11 0.361
D19S433 13 0.253 14 0.369
TPOX 8 0.535 11 0.243
CSF1PO 10 0.217 11 0.301
D3S1358 14 0.103 16 0.235
D7S820 10 0.243 11 0.207
D8S1179 12 0.185 13 0.305
D13S317 11 0.339 12 0.248
D16S539 9 0.113 11 0.321
D18S51 13 0.127 14 0.132
D21S11 28 0.159 30 0.278

2. Watch Richard III: Solving a 500 Year Old Cold Case Dr Turi King TEDxLeicester

Read the 2014 Nature article by King et al. (2014), Identification of the remains of King Richard III file in Canvas Module 7. There is a supplemental file that may also be helpful.

Answer the following:

a) When and where did Richard III die and where was he laid to rest?

b) Why was his tomb lost to history?

c) Describe his physical appearance.

d) How was his grave rediscovered?

e) How was he killed?

f) What types of evidence were used and integrated that allowed investigators to confidently determine that the remains were those of Richard III?

g) How is false paternity considered more likely than false maternity?

h) Sum up the physical, genealogical, genetic and historical data the indicate the skeleton is Richard III

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