Current practices at the end of life care

Current practices at the end of life care

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Current practices at the end of life care

End of life care is important for both patients in their final days of life and their families to create understanding and peaceful environment. During this period the patient needs a lot of support from both medical practitioners and the family to help him enjoy some of the days left to live.

Actions involved at the end of life care may include getting the patient off the life support machine to cut short life and relieve the individual pain and suffering. The task may be very challenging to most family members as they are never willing to let their loved one die.

Current practices at the end of life care
Current practices at the end of life care

To resolve conflicts and create a form of understanding during the critical period of the end of life sciences research had to be carried out in the medical field to identify effective practices used when providing the care.

Guidance and counseling programs have been created to attend to families whose loved ones are under the end of life care. The sessions are conducted by skilled medical practitioners to educate the family about the importance of letting their loved one rest.

During the program individuals are given opportunities to ask all the questions they are interested in and satisfying answers provided.

They are advised of the importance of the life support machine to save another life other than sustaining the life of their loved one who is suffering from minimal hopes of recovery.

The sessions help convince individuals and create an agreed opinion to remove the patient from life support machine.

Medical practitioners also create an accommodating environment for the patient to share comfortably about the kind of care they want in their last days.

Current practices at the end of life care
Current practices at the end of life care

Most individuals find it difficult to accept the fact that death is real and only have few days to live. A medical practitioner offering end of life care, therefore, must guide the patient and convince him to accept the current situation.

The patient is made free to discuss with family members and advise them on how to carry on with their lives after he is gone.

It provides a chance for the patient to speak to the loved ones about the kind of care he desires in his last days. Efficient end of life care solves confusion in the family after the patient has lost his life because what needs to be done was earlier discussed and planned efficiently.


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Current practices at the end of life care

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