Cybersecurity Threats

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Cybersecurity Threats and the Future of the Internet. Your paper should be a minimum of 4000 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Cybersecurity Threats and the Future of the Internet. Your paper should be a minimum of 4000 words in length. This would make the medium of Internet and technology more effective and less vulnerable. Key words: Cyber threats, virtualization, network infiltration, cloud computing, SaaS. Internet has come of age through its overall journey. The progress has been a fast paced one and has completely brought about revolution in the digital world. The future promises much more. Virtualizations, Web 2.0, customization, Nano technology are few of the concepts that the medium of Internet offer (Livingston, 2010, 13). Objectives: The paper looks into the various forms of threats faced by modern day digital world, this is followed by the overall assessment of the Internet journey, the present day outlook of technology and the future prospect and potential developments associated. This accompanied by the various kinds of threats faced and the potential damages that can be caused. The last part of the paper contains the possible counter means and measures available which can make the world of Internet a more secure and reliable one to operate in. Concept of Cyber Security: The term cyber security pertains to enacting actions that are necessary to be taken into account for safe and better services and operations in this medium. The field of cyber technology is a double edged sword. It enables achieving what would not be possible in the manual methods over work of months and weeks, at the same time despite being lighting fast in its outlook, if it goes wrong, it can cause havoc. These threats come in various forms ranging from internal threats and variants to the external forces that are operating outside. They form an industry all together with billions of dollars being spent in the field and most of their activities being destructive and harmful to the common users in different ways. Since the cyber technology scope is part of almost every discipline, therefore every field is at stake and risk from it. Ranging from the communication means to scientific research, governmental organizations all are operated on digital interface and as a result proper care and consideration must be given to the security factor. Broadly a complete set of entities exist that work as threat to the normal operational existence of computers and digital technologies. They come in form of viruses, Trojan horses, malwares, Spam and various other sources that are destructive in their nature and cause damages at different levels. Countering them requires comprehensive strategy formation at different levels. Government agencies are a direct target in many instances and recent findings have shown that 2012 saw increased percentage of damages being inflicted upon government organizations as a result of comprehensive attacks launched against the networks of government structures. Department of homeland Security is equally warned and has aimed at assessing the rates and percentages and the particular areas where these vulnerabilities are present and have attacked the networks (Powner, 2005). Through their findings they have established that over the past year or so, the rate of increase has been alarmingly high and stands in the figure of over 600 percent increase.



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