Discussion Five whys

Discussion Five whys

This is the First Half Due on DEC 22nd

Flow charts, process maps and the five-whys tools are used in Lean Six Sigma to analyze problems and to determine the root cause of the problem.

In your Assignment, you are developing a flow chart and why-why or five-why chart around the WP Uniform problem.

Remember to include a relevant subject bar and respond to the following prompts:

Explain the steps in your flow chart.
Identify the why questions in your why-why diagram.
Explain why you asked these particular “why” questions.

This is the 2nd Half Due on DEC 23rd

One of the primary responsibilities of Six Sigma teams is to prevent problems from happening and to solve problems quickly and efficiently when they do occur. Six Sigma methodology uses DMAIC steps in the problem solving process as well as a series of other techniques.

The Flow Chart and the Why-Why Diagram are two techniques that are commonly used to solve problems. A Process Map is a “graphical representation of all the steps involved in a process or segment of a process” (Six Sigma, p. 105). A Flow Chart maps the process from beginning to end. This charting helps identify where problems may occur. The Why-Why Diagram helps to identify the root cause(s) of a problem. The Why-Why Diagram asks a series of questions to help identify the real cause of a problem.


WP Uniforms provides a selection of lab coats, shirts, trousers, uniforms, and outfits for area businesses. For a fee, UP Uniforms will collect soiled garments once a week, wash and repair these garments, and return them the following week, while picking up a new batch of soiled garments. At WP Uniforms, shirts are laundered in large batches. From the laundry, these shirts are inspected, repaired, and sorted. To determine if the process can be done more effectively, the employees want to create a flow chart of the process. They have brainstormed the following steps.
Create a flow chart with their information. Remember to use symbols accordingly. These steps are out of sequence. You must put these steps in proper order before you can create your flow chart.
Identify three steps where, in your opinion, the greatest problems may occur. Brainstorm with a friend possible solutions for these problems.
Create a why-why chart for this problem: People wait too long for food during the noon hour at a local fast food restaurant. Identify one possible problem for each of these three areas: Method, Materials, and Staffing. Ask “why” five times for each of the problems. Provide a statement at the end of each area that defines what you consider to be the true problem to be examined.

Shirts arrive from laundry.

Make hourly count.

Pull shirts from racks.

Make note of repair needs.


Remove shirts from hangers.

Fold shirt.

Place in proper storage area.

Place in proper storage area.

Ask: Is shirt beyond cost effective repair?

Ask: Does shirt have holes or is damaged?

Sort according to size.

Grading and Assignment Criteria

Flow chart preparation


Flow chart analysis, problem solving


Why-Why Diagram construction


Why-Why Diagram statement


Written communication: grammar, syntax, structure, citation




If you use any outside resource, including your textbook, cite this outside resource (including interviews) with APA double citation. This means to cite within your text and provide the full source citation at the end of your paper.
Simply providing a web link is not adequate and will be considered intentional plagiarism.
Failure to properly cite your sources may result in failing this assignment and failing this course.

Note: Intentional or unintentional plagiarism may result in a failing grade in this assignment and in this course.

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