Does physical Intimate Partner Violence cause major depressive disorder?

Does physical Intimate Partner Violence cause major depressive disorder?


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Research Proposal Students will apply their knowledge of research methods by completing a Research Proposal. Steps for completing the Research Proposal are outlined below: Step 1: Choose a psychological concept you would like to study (e.g., motivation, addiction, quality of life, etc.). Example Psychological Concept: Grit Step 2: Identify an independent variable and a dependent variable related to the psychological concept you would like to study. Zaleski Page 4 Example Variables: Grit (Independent), Achievement (Dependent) Step 3: Develop an original research question using your identified variables. Generally, a research question for this assignment should be one of the following types:  Is there a difference between two (or more) groups on a variable of interest?  Is there a relationship between two variables? Example Research Question: Does grit predict achievement in a research methods course? Step 4: Develop a hypothesis based on your research question. Example Hypothesis: Grit positively predicts achievement in a research methods course. Step 5: Conduct a brief literature review. The student must cite at least two peer reviewed articles that support their proposed study. To search for articles go to the UIS Library website and search for peer- reviewed journal articles relevant to your research question. Note that the articles located do not need to address the research question exactly. Rather they should address elements of the research question. For example, if investigating the question “Do men and women differ in their degree of job satisfaction?,” the articles that might be located investigate gender differences in income, gender differences in job mobility, personality differences related to job satisfaction, gender differences in personality, etc. The key is to find a combination of articles that will address the research question. Of course, if available, articles may address the research question directly. Students will only complete steps one through five for their Draft Research Proposal, the Final Research Proposal will include all six steps. Students must utilize feedback from their peers and instructor to improve steps one through five to receive full credit on their Final Research Proposal. The example research questions may not be used. Step 6: Identify the research design, data collection procedures, and statistical test that are most appropriate to answer the proposed research question. Research Question: Does physical Intimate Partner Violence cause major depressive disorder?

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