Ethical Leadership in Nursing Essay Paper

Ethical Leadership in Nursing Essay Paper

Ethical Leadership in Nursing Class, As ethical considerations are part of your final paper, please read the following and then make your comment in a response to this post. Thank you. Read “Searching for Ethical Leadership in Nursing,” by Marakoff et al., from Nursing Ethics (2014). URL: The above explored the concept of ethical leadership and how the theory has developed in modern context. Let’s now turn our attention to the core elements of ethical leadership. What does it mean to lead in an ethical manner?Ethical Leadership in Nursing Essay Paper



Components of ethical leadership framework

The above showed how ethics and ethical behaviour could manifest in a number of different ways. The idea of ‘doing the right thing’ can depend on your approach and whether you focus on the means or the end goals, for example. Therefore, ethical leadership requires a solid framework to work. There are three core components of ethical leadership framework:

• Internal uniformity – Different elements within the organisation must be ethically consistent and not have contradictions.
• Proactivity – The framework should tell people what to do, instead of outlining the things you shouldn’t do. Ethical leadership framework looks forward and acts pre-emptively.
• Vigour – The framework is regularly re-examine and updated according to the needs of the organisation and the subordinates. In short, the framework is dynamic instead of a static system.Ethical Leadership in Nursing Essay Paper

Ethical framework helps a leader and the organisation to make decisions and approach actions with a coherent plan, instead of having to constantly re-think and assess the situation. A framework will not provide ethical leaders with a clear decision each time, but it makes it easier to analyse the situation and to listen to other people’s opinions regarding the matter.
The best way to go about creating an ethical framework requires you to follow a few simple steps. First, the leader’s ethical framework should always align with that of the organisation he or she is leading. Consider the example of having to lead an organisation Ethical Leadership in Nursing Essay Paper

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