Every country that has invaded Afghanistan over the past twenty-three hundred years has failed. What must the United States do to succeed? Discuss.

Every country that has invaded Afghanistan over the past twenty-three hundred years has failed. What must the United States do to succeed? Discuss.


Mitchell 50 words

The daunting task the United States faces to “win” the conflict in Afghanistan is a difficult one to say the least as mentioned in our reading many nations and leaders have tried to do just that in the past and were met with failure. The United States should continue to focus their efforts on a counterinsurgency and ensure we follow six principles and apply two micro strategies to insure our success. The first and probably foremost principle that must be adhered to strictly is the prevention of collateral damage in all aspects of military operations. This will gain the support of the Afghan people and needs to focus on protecting the populace from harm from our actions as well as from the insurgency. The second tactical imperative is to initially focus development funds in a few critical areas that can give much needed stability to a region and in turn gain support from the populace. The third imperative is to ensure that persistent forces have a presence in remote areas across Afghanistan. Forces need to be out in the remote areas operating for long periods of time in order to successfully build relationships and affect the freedom of movement of the Taliban. The fourth imperative is for the U.S. to commit to the long-term development of a literate and broadly education of the Afghan population (Harmon, Pratt & Gorka, 2011). The fifth imperative is to ensure that any and all elements or agencies operating in theater must continuously show respect to the Islam religion. The final tactical imperative is to stop any and all corruption at the district and provincial level, which can prove to be an extremely challenging task in itself. The U.S. must also set the conditions for cross-border shuras among the tribes on both sides of the Durand line; and second, construct a network of combat outposts on the dominant terrain near the border in order to block infiltration of insurgents from Pakistan (Harmon, Pratt & Gorka, 2011, p. 371). If done properly the current counterinsurgency efforts from the U.S. may prove to be successful at defeating the Taliban and improving the lives of the Afghan population.

Glenn 50 words

Analysis attests that Taliban is an opponent that US forces devised. Taliban is a group that started in the early 80’s and further crystallized in the 90’s. It was responsible for protecting Afgan against intruders. America gave the Afghanistan warriors the name Taliban. Afghanistan has refuted every nation that invaded.
For the US to succeed, ALL have to replace what is believed to be a wrong approach. Added concern is that policymakers should choose policies that tackle the inherent problems. The US forces and citizens should be ready to endure risk and costs that associate with ‘the plan’ that will ensure their success while dealing with Afghanistan.
Various times that the military has veered from their true course and becomes involved in other causes this leads to weak execution of ‘the plan’ and failure to establish what was designed. “Make a plan and execute the plan” former Navy Seal Chris Sajnog used to say to me, follow through cannot be understated.

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How are the repercussions of disrespecting Islam so important to success or failure of counterterrorism efforts in Afghanistan? Discuss.


LAWRENCE 50 words

According to Harmon, Pratt, and Gorka (2011), respecting Islam is the 5th of the 6 tactical imperatives that lead to positive strategic effects.  In the words of low-level Taliban fighters ” the motivation to carry out attacks on coalition forces comes from the mistaken belief that U.S. soldiers do not respect the islamic faith” (p.370).  Refurbishing local mosque’s and providing power and speakers to make the daily call for prayer help in developing positive relationships with the Afghan people.  Building trust leads to fewer fighters and informants that provide useful information against the Taliban.  Supporting Islam and respecting worship turns the table on Taliban propaganda against the Western invaders who are throwing money away by the plane load and spilling unnecessary blood in the Afghan mountains.

Aaron 50 words

The repercussions of disrespecting Islam are now widely understood by counterinsurgents; the Koran desecration in Guantanamo Bay and other examples of the ill-advised actions of a few inciting worldwide violence have made this clear” (Harmon, Pratt, Gorka 2011 p.369). Respect will get you a long ways in life. The simple process of treating other human beings as such and respecting their wishes lets them know you actually care and its more than just cheap words. By showing a care and concern for their religion and helping make their lives easier you will earn the trust of the people of Islam. With the gained trust it makes the local people less likely to believe the terrorists and their propaganda. In some instances the local people have warned of planned attacks and given information on the terrorist groups. 

M7D3 100 words

Although enemy combatants in the Afghanistan and Pakistan theater do not emanate exclusively from Pakistan and the Pashtun tribes, the author focuses on three critical factors related to Pakistan’s Pushtun tribal region. Why are these factors so important for the success of counterterrorism efforts by the U.S.? Give reasons for your answer.


Mitchell 50 words

The three factors the author focuses on that are extremely important to the success of counterterrorism efforts by the U.S. are the identification of the boarder range of potential counterinsurgents, the main cultural conditions and perspectives that apply to the local security environment, and the operational capabilities and limitations of the security actors, commonly referred to as security architecture (Harmon, Pratt & Gorka, 2011). In an environment where a region experiences non-indigenous, national and other local armed forces operating in the same space as indigenous forces there must be a comprehensive understanding of the security architecture. Often this is overlooked or simplified and can make for rapid military decision making seemingly impossible. The local population is the center of gravity for counterterrorism and counterinsurgent efforts, and understanding partner structures and capacities in the local environment is an extremely important task (Harmon, Pratt & Gorka, 2011). The Pakistan’s Pashtun tribal belt and the counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations within the region must not be based on oversimplification of the natures of militancy and local security culture as this will prove ineffective. A region like this where we see militants maneuvering from on country to another freely in order to conduct attack on coalition forces creates an environment with the need to fully understand all aspects of security architecture to be successful in our counterinsurgency operations.

Jack 50 words

One of the factors related to Pakistan’s Pushtun tribal region is that apart from the afghan war, they are also involved in war, research shows that on the both sides of Afghanistan and the Pakistan borders there are ethnicPushtuns’ who are part of the Taliban movements that have predominated the wars (Hussain, 2011). Another factor that to this tribe is that they are the same tribesmen that were involved in the Soviet army war against the United States close to two decades ago and they are ready to continue with the fight because the United States government did not iron out their grievances with Afghanistan despite the fact that they caused harm to their country in many ways (Hussain, 2011). Growth in sophistication and numbers is another factor is another factor related to Pakistan’sPushtun tribal region, this is because several Pakistan militant have formed increased interconnected web with collaborated terrorist groups around the world (Hussain, 2011). These factors are important to the United States in their counterterrorism attack efforts because they will be able to realize the strategy they will take on the ethnic groups of Pushtun tribes located in Afghanistan and Pakistan borders. Another importance is that the people of United States realize that one of the reasons it is hard to end terrorism is because the grievances of this tribe were not addressed and therefore they can consider addressing them in order for them to with the fight against terrorism. United States will also realize that the Pushtun tribe has continued to grow and it is hard for them to in their fight against terrorism if they do not break the connection between them and the other terrorist groups.

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