Executive Summary of Organizational Diversity

 BSN 4008 Executive Summary of Organizational Diversity

Executive Summary of Organizational Diversity

Diversity in a population is a condition where the group contains several unique cultures and types of people. Individuals in a diverse community have unique behaviors, cultural beliefs, ideologies, and living styles. A diverse group of people presents a platform to learn best practices from one another for better development of the whole society. It can also lead to the failure of a community if the measures are not adequately developed to guide the process of socialization between people of different cultures and background. Proper rules and regulation and excellent leadership skills are necessary to help promote a positive intermingling between all the members of a diverse group (Weech-Maldonado et al., 2018).). Industrialization, modernization, and changes in the technology levels have contributed to improved diversity levels in the present day society. Therefore, this paper purposely targets to explain all types of multiculturalism and diversity within the community healthcare organization.

Analyze The Impact Of A Diverse Workforce On Patient Outcomes

Diverse workforce plays a vital role by creating a platform to integrate different and unique forms of treatments. Patients from different cultures and backgrounds visit the medical practice for treatment, a process that can only be successful if the mediation process does not violate their ideologies and beliefs (Jackson & Gracia, 2014). Therefore, diversity in the physicians’ workforce creates an opportunity for medical practitioners to provide acceptable medication which solves the issue of medication resistance from patients.

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In What Ways Or Situations Might Multiculturalism And Diversity Impact Health Care Delivery Or Patient Outcomes?

In situations such as when conducting a public health program, multiculturalism and diversity are in the medical practitioner’s workforce is essential to help obtain rich health information from individuals. A diverse healthcare team has individuals with a proper understanding of all the different cultures in the target population (Gwathmey et al., 2016). They are in a position to create a positive and free environment for individuals which helps in the acquisition of all the relevant data to assist in the line of solving health challenges in a community.

How Is Diversity Defined In The Organization?

According to the healthcare organization, diversity is defined as the act of appreciating the uniqueness between people and treating their values, beliefs, and practices with respect.  The organization, therefore, integrates diversity and multiculturalism in its functioning by recruiting a workforce that represents the new diversified population (Harker, 2016).  Learning programs are also initiated to provide lessons about different cultures to the existing medical practitioners to provide them with skills, better understanding, and knowledge for a proper patient-doctor relationship.

Analyze How The Health Care System Integrates Diversity And Multiculturalism Into Its Practices 

The structure of the organization’s leadership has been shaped with an attempt to represent the patients and employees’ population through the representation is not perfect since diversity levels are dynamic. The struggle and effort by the organization to manipulate the organizational leadership and create proper diversity are essential to enable understanding and provision of appropriate and acceptable treatment to both patients and employees (Weech-Maldonado et al., 2018).). Such leadership structure is in a position to develop policies that enhance positive working relationship and respect of each other’s lifestyle.

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Explain How Multiculturalism And Diversity Can Impact Health Care Delivery Or Patient Outcomes

Multiculturalism and diversity can impact healthcare delivery either positively or negatively depending on the policies and measures created to guide the diversity process. The difference in the patient population presents a lot of challenges to a medical practitioner and can lead to medication resistance (Jackson & Gracia, 2014). However, proper diversity in the medical practitioner’s workforce creates an opportunity for effective medication since the healthcare practice has physicians with a better understanding of the patients’ ideologies, living styles, and cultural beliefs.

Analyze Current Recruitment And Retention Policies To Identify Gaps Between Best Practices And Current Policies.

The healthcare organization currently recruits by putting much emphasis on the qualifications and not the cultural background. The recruitment and retention policy makes it challenging to create a diverse workforce that represents the unique patient population. Experienced medical personnel is integrated into the functioning of the healthcare practice who cannot aid in effective treatment since they have no proper understanding of the unique demands and methods of the target population (Gwathmey et al., 2016). Therefore, the level of diversity integration in the workforce is slightly low which affects the quality of medication and patient outcome. Diversity in the healthcare organization workforce helps in the creation of new and unique treatment procedures that are effective and acceptable by the target population.

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Diversity does not only entail the cultural beliefs and ideologies aspect. It can also be described by gender differences, social class, economic levels, skin color, and physical abilities. All types of diversity are not recognized and included in the healthcare practice. The policy of recruitment does not create an opportunity for the integration of all the diverse types into functioning. However, the organization has made some efforts for instance in the polio treatment sector. Medical practitioners with challenges that were caused by the disease are put in in the department to provide treatment and support for polio patients and encourage them to provide a better healing and recovery process (Harker, 2016). Another example of the integration of diversity in practice is involving female medical practitioners in medication departments specific to the provision of medical attention to women.

Recommend Evidence-Based Changes To The Organizational Structure And Systems Leadership That Empower A Diverse Workforce.

Rules about new employment and integration need to be replaced since the recruitment policies do not provide a capable platform for creating a team rich in diversity. Cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and ideologies should also be given some consideration to enhance representation of the whole population in the workforce. The organization can also create refresher learning programs whose functions will be to help in teaching medical practitioners about different cultures (Weech-Maldonado et al., 2018). The programs are essential to provide a deeper understanding of different cultures, a step that can enable existing medical practitioners to provide acceptable and effective medication to the target patient population.

What Changes Would You Champion as a Health Care Leader to Make the System More Responsive to Patients and the Organization\’S Workforce?

As a healthcare leader, I would champion changes in recruitment and retention policies. I would also encourage the development of courses and the integration of diversity learning in the teaching curriculum in the medical schools. Diversity in any workforce presents benefits but also creates challenges in the delivery of healthcare. Therefore lessons on how to adjust and accommodate each other in the workforce are essential to avoid conflicts and misunderstanding in practice (Jackson & Gracia, 2014). Learning about diversity will also help in improving patient-doctor relationship since the medical practitioners will have a better understanding of the demands and acceptable methods by the patients.

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Diversity is inevitable with the first changing living styles and environmental conditions. It is vital to ensure that the workforce of any organization is in a position to have a representative for each element of the target population. Diversity in a healthcare organization workforce is vital to accommodate the entire patient population and make treatment more effective. According to research, the difference in the workplace also provides a platform for learning and acquisition of new and efficient working procedures, sufficient enough to aid in proper healing process. Creating a diverse workforce is expensive since it involves new recruitment and learning programs but has positive returns in the long run.


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NURSING BSN-FP4008 Executive Summary of Organizational Diversity

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