Fashion Forecaster’s Interview

Forecaster’s Interview

agree with Li Edelkoort; the fashion industry is fading; currently, most
individuals are concentrating on the catwalk rather than introducing unique and
fashionable clothes (It’s the End of Fashion as We Know It N.p). One of the
most notable changes that are threatening the end of fashion is the emergence
of fast fashion. Fashion houses are not practicing their creativity anymore;
instead, they are imitating original products. The clothes are later sold at a
lower price. According to Li Eldelkoort, the emergence of cheap clothes
diminishes the value of clothes. People do not appreciate their clothes rather
they view them as things they can dispose of with the emergence of new ones (Lambert N.p). Currently, the fast
fashion industry is introducing new clothes more regularly. Therefore, the fast
fashion industry has a short product life cycle which is killing the fashion

issue that Li Eldelkoort has mentioned is that people are not concentrating on
garment designing. Instead, most of these individuals emphasize on clothes
rather than fashion (It’s the End of Fashion as We Know It N.p). Such mentality
has affected the fashion industry. The supply chain has also led to a significant
restructuring of the fashion industry. The consumers’ demands have resulted in
the restructuring of the supply chain system. The fashion industries are forced
to restructure their supply chain system so as to satisfy their clients’
demands. Although this is meant to improve the fashion industry, it appears
that it has had adverse effects on fashion (Lambert
N.p). The fashion industries are forced to
introduce imitations so as to satisfy the consumers’ demands. The industry is
also benefiting the western world and exploiting developing countries. Most of
these companies employ low-wage employees, and this has affected fashion
industry. People are hiring non-skilled designers for cheap labor.


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