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Freedom’s Boundaries


United States base their friendship with other countries based on what they can
do for them. For instance, the United States can make allies with another state
so as they can increase their national security. They can as well build ties
with another country so as to gain economic advantage. For example, the country
made allies with China so as to obtain trading benefits. The U. S. had an
interest in China; hence, they established a policy that would allow it to
strengthen its friendship with it (Foner 671). The United States is
also focused on protecting its citizens against its enemies. To defeat, the
enemies the country is required to collaborate with other nations.

are also focused on maintaining peace around the world. Currently, there have
been risen cases of terrorism around the world. The country has collaborated
with other nations so as to develop policies that would enable them to defeat
the terrorists. The United States take advantage of the historic opportunity so
as to preserve peace. They build on the common interests so as to promote
international security (Foner 674). They are also brought
together by the shared values. The United States encourage the development of
democracy in all the countries so as to create the international order. They
are against any aggression, especially from other leading powers. Although the
United States is a superpower, they still need friends for their existence. The
nation cannot fight the terrorists without the help of other states. The
country can use its world status so as to bring peace in the world. Hence, this
means that they have a great opportunity to bring peace in the world. Other
states are also involved in maintaining peace in the world.


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Foner, Eric. Give Me
Liberty!: An American History
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