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Greater balance among the different types of time.

achieve greater balance among the different types of time. Reflect on the questions below and write your response.  Discuss whether your job is more task-structured or time-structured and provide illustrations. What about your personality or temperament is suited toward each orientation and what coping mechanisms might you use if there is not a good fit between your nature and your job regarding time orientation?  Consider whether you can increase your leisure time by selecting any of the following elements or choose some of your own methods: 1) learning to say “no”, 2) reducing overscheduling of yourself and/or those for which you are responsible, 3) unplugging digitally from work. What preparation and practical steps do you need to pursue to make this a reality? Instructions: 1. Describe your organization in paragraph format in 1500-2000 words. Answer each bullet point above. 2. Use subheadings. There should be a centered subheading for each bullet point listed above (e.g. Job Structure, Leisure, etc.). This helps ensure that you address each required item and shows me that you covered them all. 3. Format using double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font. The paper should be 1375 words long

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