History of Moorish in Spain

History of Moorish in Spain

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History of Moorish in Spain

The history of moors in Spain dates back to the late 700s. A time when Tarik, a well-known moor included the land owned by Visigoths, where Spain currently resides, to the list of kingdoms that had been conquered and were currently being ruled by Moslems (Lane-Poole, 2011). The ruling period lasted between the late 700s to the 15th century (Lowry & Watson, n.d.). The Mohammedan rulers governed this part of the kingdom with wisdom and the drive to achieve more for nearly 8 years.

History of Moorish in Spain
History of Moorish in Spain

During this period, levels of enlightenment to the people, civilization, and growth of industries was witnessed (Lane-Poole, 2011), thanks to the engineering skills possessed by the leaders of this time. The Moslems were able to utilize the fertile lands of Spain to propel agriculture and the country’s prolific industry. In addition to this, cities were established and other aspects of development such as art and literature formed a great learning experience which attracted learners from the neighboring countries (Ixwa, 2018).

The kingdom had already commanded morocco by 1062 (Ixwa, 2018), where Emir had managed to convince a religious reformer, Ibn Yasin, to accompany him to teach the teachings of the moors (Lane-Poole, 2011). In 1082, Yusuf, the third successor of Emir had become the ruler of a bigger part of Morocco, this led to his meeting with the chief of rulers in Spain. At this time, the conflicts between Christians and Moslems had started. Successive fights lead to the decline of moors power by the 13th century (Ixwa, 2018). This was the fall of the moors empire.

Relationship characterization

Most importantly, one cannot fail to recognize the kind of collaboration that was portrayed by these three religious backgrounds. During the reign of Moslems, the trio engaged together in activities that were geared towards developing the land under the Moslem Kingdom, for instance, Christians engaged in physics architecture and being clerks (Newby, n.d.). The Jewish adapted to new ways of earning their daily bread based on the new circumstances that had been introduced to their land (Lane-Poole, 2011). Based on the above argument, the relationship was collaborative.

The trio also combined efforts to define a new set of standards that were highly remarkable based on the present day hostility and ideology behind the differences that these current religions hold. Institutions established allowed all students from the three religions to share the learning environment, this boosted the literacy levels in the kingdom. Through this, then the relationship established among these communities was educative.

The cultural perspective is a major concern while describing relationships of any kind. The relationship between these three communities developed in this age saw the rise of intermarriages among the three communities (Vaughan, 2013).

Although Christianity had condemned women from marrying to the other religions, it allowed their men to intermarry from the above-mentioned communities. On the other hand, Jews were free to engage in Islamic culture, this included philosophies, language, science, and medicine (Mendeb, Stora, Todd, & Smith, 2013). This ensured that cultures from all the three communities were conserved since there was no oppression to fully engage in a certain culture.

The three religious communities included each other in interventions geared to establishing and reorganizing beliefs and setting clear misconceptions associated with their religions. This emerged to a series of spirited discussions and debates among their respective religious leaders and philosophers. Such debates successfully established a true understanding and agreement of the existence of God (Karabell, 2007). This helped them understand each other’s religion better hence being able to co-exist as a single community ruled by Muslim. The relations, in this case, were engaging and developing the mind.

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