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The midterm exam will include Chapters 13-23. You must respond to the following three questions in a minimum of 250 words for EACH question. Each question is worth 25 points, for a total of 75 points. To receive full credit, you must fully answer the question, use proper grammar and spelling, and show insightful analysis of the topic. Feel free to cut and paste your responses from Microsoft Word so that you are able to use spelling/grammar check. (also just in case you lose internet connectivity while completing exam)Below are the questions so that you may work on them before actually beginning the assessment.1. The Renaissance had a tremendous impact on European society, which was a big cause of the Reformation happening. Trace the impacts of Renaissance thought and ideas through the Reformation, Age of Exploration, and Absolutism. 2. In the course of the 18th century, the basic way that people looked at life changed.In what ways did this transformation affect scientific, political, religious, and economic thought?3. What sparked the Industrial Revolution? What were the effects of that spark on Europe and the rest of the world?

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