International Relations

International Relations


As Waltz argues, the International
system is made up of great powers that are fighting for survival and lack of
central authority to safeguard states has forced each country to survive on its
own (Walt, 1991).
Therefore, the United States involvement in international affairs is aimed at
protecting the state and enhancing its national security (Walt 1998). However,
the United States should keep in mind that national security is beyond military
power, and the country faces more dangers other than military threats. The
paper will highlight the strengths and the failures of the United State’s
International policies as well as how the state should handle its international

Various activities have continued
to affect the United States security. For instance, land grabbing by Russia is
one of the major threats to the country’s national security. Therefore, the
most suitable way for the United States to deal with its issue of Russia is by
taking out Putin (Mankoff, 2014). Russia has
been aiming at expanding its territories through land grabbing which has caused
major grave effects. For instance, the State has occupied and seized Crimean
Peninsula; its action has led to the rise of the severe crisis in Europe.  Although the country was successful in its
expansion, it appears that it is willing to go further in Crimea a move that
may cause a major problem for the country. Russia is aiming at creating a
coalition with other states so as to assist it with its mission in land

Putin has been aiming at reviving
Russia status in the world as one of the greatest countries. Crimea acts as the
best point for Russia to project its political and economic dominance. In his
aim, it is apparent that Putin is ready to risk extermination to achieve his
objective. Therefore, it would be wise for the United States to utilize
military force to oust Putin (Mankoff, 2014).
His actions also threaten international security, for instance, it is splitting
apart internationally influential countries and sending its military to
disputed territories. Therefore, Putin has shown that he is ready to use every
means to attain his aim, and it would be wise for the United States to take him

The United States should use its
military power to respond to nuclear proliferation in cases where international
institutions have failed.  The rise the
nuclear weapon could strengthen the terrorists, and this would motivate them to
continue with their destructive activities (Rubin, 2008). According to the
International Atomic Energy Agency, the development of Iranian nuclear program
could strengthen that the Islamic Republic whereby, it can develop its skills
in the nuclear weapon (Lieber
& Press, n.d). The Acquisition of nuclear weapons could make the
Islamic Republic overconfident, and it will convince itself that it can carry
out activities without any fear of the United States or any other powerful

Therefore, the United States should
use its military power to control Iran. However, the country should be careful
when using military force. First, the United States defense planners should
analyze the best way that the military can posture itself so as to attack the
countries developing the nuclear weapon (Rubin, 2008). The planners should come
up with the best ways of containing the states using military force.  The United States should as well partner with
the neighboring countries so as they can be successful. In this case, the state
ought to weigh the investment required to allow the countries to help in
containing the country accused of developing nuclear weapons.

Although the United States foreign
policy appears to work in various instances, currently it has been threatened
by various deals that the country has entered with some states. For example,
the weapons deal with Iran was a major fail for the United States foreign
policy.  First, the weapons used appear
are a significant threat to security rather than bring peace (Byman, 2013). For
instance, the use of drones has affected the country’s image as they have led
to the killing of many civilians and they have as well many the United States
close allies. Iran has also been on the bad side of the United States for its
development of nuclear weapon (Cronin, 2015).
The country has continued to fight to validate its development of nuclear
weapon which poses a significant threat to international security. Therefore,
the United States deal with Iran shows that it supports its endeavors, and
there is fear that its allies may not take it positively. There is also the
concern that the deal might lead to more chaos than bringing international

The United States foreign policy
also failed in its war against Iraq. Before its invasion of Iraq, the United
States had realized that the country’s threat was growing bigger. Initially,
the state had assumed that it would have been right first to tie all the loose
ends before invading Iraq. However, Iraq terrorism act continued to threaten
International security, hence, forcing the United States to take action (Cronin, 2015). For instance, the September 11
attack proved that terrorism was becoming a major problem in the United States
as well as other states. There was also the fear that Iraq possesses the
capability to build nuclear weapons (Diamond, 2004).
Therefore, the United States invaded the country so as to bring down Saddam
Hussein’s regime. However, later it was realized that the invasion did not help
in ending the stalemate in the country. The United States also made mistakes in
its attack also proved that it was a mistake.

The main menace to the United
States security appears to be the rise of jihadist groups. The Jihadist groups
have been involved in various attacks in the US and other states. For instance,
the 9/11 attack threatened the U.S. national security establishment (Diamond, 2004). Therefore, the United States
started developing counterterrorism approaches to deal with the group. However,
over the years, there has been the rise of various Jihadist groups such as
ISIS, which have proved to be stubborn. It appears that the counterterrorism
approach cannot work, and this has continued to affect the United States
national security.

However, it seems that Putin’s
occupation of Crimean Peninsula should be dealt with by imposing a sanction on
the country and its allies. By doing this, the United States would make sure
that Putin does not have the resources required in his endeavors. The use of
military force in dealing with the rise of the nuclear weapon would have a
costly effect on the United States. It appears that although the use of nuclear
weapon poses major threats to the international security, there lacks enough
evidence that the states would lead them to the terrorists (Waltz, 2012). It
appears that there is no proof the terrorists would use the weapon; hence, the United
States should not waste money to deal with the issue.


As Waltz argues, the International
system is made up of great powers that are fighting for survival and lack of
central authority to safeguard states has forced each country to survive on its
own. Therefore, the United States involvement in international affairs is aimed
at protecting the state and enhancing its national security. The country has
strived at developing approaches that are aimed at protecting its status as a
superpower. However, the approaches have appeared to have adverse effects on
its foreign policy.


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