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Leadership Assignment

The full range of leadership model is one of the most influential in the field. Researchers and practitioners use this model to help leaders to be effective in a wide range of organizational roles. However, this model has both strengths and limitations.In this Assignment, you will describe the full range of leadership model, assess your own leadership style, analyze your leadership style with respect to the model, and analyze the strengths and limitations of this model. (My leadership style is transformational)Part 1: Describe the Full Range of Leadership ModelBriefly describe the styles of the full range of leadership model. Using the textbook and/or other academic sources, summarize what the research suggests about each style. Be sure to address the following:Briefly describe the styles of the full range of leadership model.Summarize what the research suggests are the outcomes of each style.Part 2: Complete the Transformational Leadership Survey.Go to the Transformational Leadership Survey and complete the self-assessment. Summarize the results. Be sure to discuss the following:What is your leadership style?Based on the results and on other sources, what does the survey suggest regarding your greatest strengths as a leader?Part 3: Discuss the Strengths and Limitations of the Full Range of Leadership Model.Analyze the strengths and limitations of this model with respect to using it as a tool for supporting leader development in organizations. Provide an example of how you could use this in an organization and the practical limitations of doing this. Be sure to address the following:What are the strengths of the full range of leadership model as a framework for assessing and developing leaders in organizations?Identify any limitations and/or criticisms of this model.Explain how you could use this model as a tool to support leader development in an organization of your choice (e.g., you could apply this to your current or past workplace, an organization with which you are familiar, or a fictitious organization).If you were to use this model in practice, in what ways would it be limited with regard to providing guidance on leader assessment and/or development activities?Other RequirementsYour paper should be between 6–7 pages in length (not including the title page, abstract, or references section). You should apply APA Style formatting throughout your paper. Include a title page, section headings, in-text citations, and a references page. Keep direct quotes to a minimum. You should also include an introductory paragraph, thesis sentence, and summary paragraph.You should cite relevant empirical research and scholarly articles within I/O psychology and related areas. You should cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed journal articles that were published within the last five years. You should carefully select sources after reviewing the literature and evaluating the credibility, relevance, quality, and research merit of each source.

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