Management of Pressure Ulcers in Elderly Patients

Management of Pressure Ulcers in Elderly Patients

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Management of Pressure Ulcers in Elderly Patients

Pressure ulcers are damages to the skin caused by force and shear on areas that usually cover the bony prominence. The condition is common in individuals who have limited movement, especially the elderly.

The weak tissues and skin of the elderly also create an opportunity for this condition since any small amount of pressure forces the skin to tear.  Most common body areas that are affected by pressure ulcers include the skin overlying the hips, elbows, knees, ankles, and sacrum.

Management of Pressure Ulcers in Elderly Patients
Management of Pressure Ulcers in Elderly Patients

It is a challenging condition to treat in frail elders and critically ill individuals. Pressure ulcers opens up the body to other disease-causing bacteria which exposes the individual to acquisition of other health challenges.

The main prevention applied to stop pressure ulcers is regulating pressure on the patient’s body by constantly shifting his position. Eating a balanced diet for a normal functioning of the whole body system also reduces the chances of acquiring pressure ulcers.

The pharmacology treatment of pressure ulcers includes enough bed rest, wound care and biophysical agents.

Proper debridement of the affected area of the skin helps in timely healing hence easing the patient of the pain and suffering. Nicotine tissue covering the wound should be removed to give room for cleaning before dressing.

Failure to remove the tissue creates a good environment for bacteria to grow and cause more harm. Nicotine tissue is best removed by chemical debridement which is the use of enzymes that promote it is removal.

Suffering and agony caused by pressure ulcers can be stopped by timely identification of the condition and creating measures to solve the problem.

Management of Pressure Ulcers in Elderly Patients
Management of Pressure Ulcers in Elderly Patients

Nursing homes and hospitals for the elderly have created a program to help prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers. Specific nurses have been assigned with tasks of turning and changing positions of the bedridden elderly patients to reduce a lot of pressure on one part of the body.

Those living at home with their family need a lot of support from family and friends in handling their daily tasks to meet their basic needs. Therefore the community plays a huge role in the treatment process of pressure ulcers by providing both physical and emotional support.

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Management of Pressure Ulcers in Elderly Patients

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