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Managing Change Article Critique

Managing Change and Transition

A Critique of the Article

The success of change decisions adapted by the management is greatly influenced by how an organization appreciates the role of human capital in the daily operations of the enterprise (Brisson, 2010). Similarly, the prosperity of the organizational change lies on the mission and vision of the firm, employees’ readiness to work towards the desired changes, availability of resources, and organization structure. Leaders or managers who assume this, particularly employees’ eagerness to work toward change-related objectives, guarantee themselves a miserable failure.

Different Aspects of Organizational Change

The first aspect of organizational change is human thinking process. This involves how people comprehend the firm and the capacity of these workers to learn. The thinking concept explains how well ideas are formulated to adhere to the different needs of the organization. Secondly, human behavior is another critical aspect of the organizational change. It entails how workers react to the proposed changes as well as how the alterations are discussed within the firm (Vakola, Armenakis & Oreg, 2013). Moreover, the infrastructure is a crucial aspect of the organizational change. Typically, this refers to the physical setting where the desired changes are taking place. For example, technology may be considered an infrastructure where the proposed change is technological in nature (Benn, Dunphy & Griffiths, 2014).

Role of Leader Vision and Organizational Climate in a Change Management Strategy

As indicated by Brisson (2010), numerous researchers on organization and leadership indicate that firms are operating in a progressively more complex setting. Change and transformation therefore calls for effective and efficient leadership. On the same note, an organizational change demands the development of a new structure as well as institutionalizing the fresh strategies. As such, visionary leaders who are able to influence people positively are in a better position to facilitate organizational change. The majority of employees expect their seniors to be fully responsible for the transformation of an organization (Vakola et al., 2013). There exists substantial empirical proof demonstrating that the contribution of leaders in the process of change generates a significant effect on the prosperity of a transformation effort.  Moreover, change management strategy is affected by the organizational climate. For instance, the recurrent pattern of employees’ behavior, feelings, and attitude tend to characterize the organizational climate and hence determines the success of any proposed change (Vakola et al., 2013).

How Effective Change Initiatives Influence Organizational Performance

While change is time-consuming and can be risky, careful research and preparation can improve the process. The human resource professionals in a firm ought to have the abilities, knowledge, and skills to not only embrace an organizational change but also to be in a position to determine when an adjustment in a firm is needed and how to control such opportunities fruitfully (Leahy,et al. 2012). Managers handle the challenge of how most employees do not enjoy transformation, but somehow, since change must take place, people will adjust gradually with the right leaders in place (Brisson, 2010).

In the modern business environment, any organizational transformation that is not properly managed can hinder any human resource capacity to assist a firm develop and nurture competitive advantage (Benn et al., 2014). This article by Brisson outlines the strategies and steps that should guide the everyday HR personnel to a higher degree of efficiency through the organizational change process.

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