Multicultural Genogram

The genogram is a useful tool for assessing families, determining multigenerational patterns, significant life events, rituals, roles, and the nature of relationships among family members. The genogram often provides direction for treatment. The multicultural genogram provides all the information listed above but includes an assessment of worldview that often impacts behaviors of members. Worldview can be defined as an individual’s perception of his/her relationship with the world. Specific questions on cultural factors can be included in the genogram in order to enrich the process.


  1. What is the ethnicity of each family member?
  2. What rules does ethnicity determine for different members?
  3. What rules are assigned due to ethnicity?
  4. What are similar characteristics across various ethnic groups?
  5. What are differences between ethnic groups?
  6. How is conflict handled according to ethnic groups?
  7. How do family members handle conflicts across ethnicity?
  8. What are specific rules for marriage and childrearing according to ethnicity?
  9. What is the family’s history of immigration?
  10. When did individual members migrate to America and why?
  11. Are there plans to return to the country of origin?
  12. What difficulties did they face during immigration?
  13. Has each member acculturated to the majority culture?
  14. Is there conflict between members who retain culture of origin and member who have acculturated?
  15. What is the role of gender for each member as defined by ethnicity/culture of origin?
  16. What behaviors, characteristics, beliefs, values are defined by gender?
  17. How are gender roles divided in the family? In the family of origin?
  18. How is conflict between gender roles handled?
  19. How do beliefs about gender roles influence childrearing beliefs?
    Socioeconomic status (SES)
  20. What role/meaning does SES have for members?
  21. Does class differ across generations?
  22. What resources are available to members due to SES?
  23. Has there been a change in current SES?
  24. What is the family’s religious history?
  25. What characteristics, values, beliefs are influenced by religion?
  26. If members differ according to religion, what are the similarities in values and beliefs?
  27. What are the differences in values, beliefs according to religion?
  28. How are conflicts due to different religious values resolved?
    Other areas to consider include:
    Majority/minority status
    Sexual orientation
    Regional background

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