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PurposeWhat writing experiences have you had? This essay is designed to give you initial practice in the writing process through prewriting, drafting, distancing, and editing/revising, and in using essay format (either MLA or APA) in writing a narrative essay. I realize it’s your first essay of the semester and that you’re writing it without much background. To feel comfortable with this essay, view “The Writing Process” video and use either the MLA or the APA template (without the Works Cited or References page since you won’t use sources beyond what you know). Additionally, follow the assignment guidelines and read through the grading/evaluation rubric.AssignmentYour assignment is to write a narrative essay about your writing experiences. Please follow these guidelines:View “The Writing Process” video in week 1.Complete the essay in approximately 4-5 double spaced pages (no Works Cited/References page is used since this is a personal experience narrative essay). The 4-5 pages is the essay writing, and if you are using APA format the title page does not figure into the page count.Your essay will follow either MLA or APA format regarding identification information, pagination, titling, margin formatting, and so on. Take a look at both templates and decide which format you’ll choose for the semester. (Tip: Many in the medical fields, business fields, and sociology/psychology fields use APA format. Those in the humanities and English fields often use MLA format.)Download and use either the MLA Template or the APA Template.Develop the essay using an introductory paragraph, body/supporting paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.Your introductory paragraph must include a thesis statement (often the last sentence of the introductory paragraph).Your body/supporting paragraphs must be developed using specific detail. You will likely have 4-6 body/supporting paragraphs, and each will contain a topic sentence that tells of the main idea of the paragraph. Then you’ll bring in detail to build and develop each paragraph.Your concluding paragraph will do more than simply restate your thesis. You might, for example, project further into the future to speculate the level you want your writing to reach.To get started, go through the prewriting stages of writing. You might use freewriting, clustering, or outlining to arrive at your focus and your subtopics/supporting points. Then move into drafting, followed by a period of distancing and then revising. Rely on what works best for you to demonstrate what you know about writing an essay. Again, your topic is about you — and your writing. You’ll write your narrative essay in Microsoft Word (save as a .docx) and submit it to the D2L Brightspace Assignment folder titled “Narrative Essay”.Prompts to help you get started.These prompts are meant to help you in the prewriting stage of writing and do not have to each be addressed in your essay.What writing classes have you taken?What memories do you have about writing classes?What writing have you done recently?Do you write for your job? Do you write in other college classes?Have you written a research paper? If you have, how long was that paper?Do you have experience with APA or MLA format?What do you see as a difference between academic writing and creative writing?How much do you know about writing a thesis statement and drafting an essay?Who was your favorite English teacher?What do you hope to learn in this writing class?Potential Thesis StatementsAs I reflect over my years of writing, I see that my experiences have prepared me for English 1302.My writing experiences from high school to today have not prepared me for college writing.Although I’m nervous for this class, my writing experiences will help along the way.Although I’m excited for this class, I see areas I’ll need to learn and relearn about writing.My writing experience is limited to high school English class.Although I’ve not had an English class for twenty years, I am eager to apply new knowledge in academic writing.In preparing for this English class, I’ve evaluated my strengths and my weaknesses in writing.Please write this essay using Microsoft Word (download Microsoft Word using the instructions in the syllabus if you do not have it) and then upload it to the D2L Assignments folder.Evaluation Rubric/Point Distribution (50 points total)Audience Awareness, Tone, and Voice2.5 pointsWriter is acutely aware and writes directly for the intended audience (in this first essay, your audience is me as the instructor). Awareness extends to understanding the writing assignment (narrative essay) purpose and knowing the potential readers and their previous knowledge and attitudes regarding your experience. Writer must not assume readers know about the experience and must include details important to making connections within the narrative. Additionally, the tone and voice are appropriate to the assignment and audience; this narrative will likely be written using first person I. The writing is compelling, moving, and interesting.Thesis/Focus5 pointsThe thesis statement is clear, is focused on your writing experience(s), shows original thought, and is a full sentence. The thesis is typically the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.Sentence Structure/Word Choice10 pointsCollege-level sentences are varied in length, are grammatically sound, demonstrate exceptional word choice using active verbs and concrete nouns, and use transitions to maximize flow. Eliminate passive constructions (like it is and there are) and strive for specific word choice throughout.Body/Supporting Paragraphs17.5 pointsBody/supporting paragraphs are likely chronologically ordered, are linked to your thesis statement, are clearly supported by concrete details, and allow readers to follow the narrative with the details provided. Additionally, paragraph pattern is purposeful, logical, and well chosen to fit the essay’s design.Introduction and Conclusion5 pointsAppropriate and engaging techniques for writing introductions and conclusions are employed. The introduction is engaging, and the conclusion does more than summarize the essay’s main ideas (for example, the conclusion might tell of a lesson learned or what you look forward to in your future of writing or with this class).MLA or APA Format5 pointsWriter demonstrates a clear understanding of MLA or APA formatting (and this refers only to the format of your essay since you will not use a Works Cited/References page — see templates for samples).Mechanics5 pointsEssay is free of spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors.Total Points50Total of all categories

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