Personality and Leadership

and Leadership


refers to a pattern of deeds thought and emotion that is standard in an
individual’s life. Character defines a person and who they are throughout their
life. Nevertheless, the traits can be passed to the next generation as they
have an individual’s hereditary and environmental aspects (Solaja, Idowu &
James, 2016). The genetic factors are viewed among family members while the
environmental factors are mostly connected to the environment that a person is
in as well as psychological conditions. Research shows that personality can
play a significant role in determining the management outcome. 

leadership position is an important position in the current corporate sector.
Organizations should be careful when assigning the position; merit is one major
aspect that they should consider in the process. Some personal traits among
leaders may lead to adverse outcomes. Hence, for a person to qualify for the
leadership position, they have to demonstrate extraordinary qualities. The
personality traits assist a person in withstanding pressure especially in
managing individuals with different characters, values as well as attitudes
(Solaja, Idowu & James, 2016). The traits also help a person in going an
extra mile to accomplish the set goals. If a person fails to show the needed
traits they are likely to fail in their endeavors.

of the personality traits that are necessary for leadership is charisma.
Charisma refers to the influence that is based on emotional and ideological
foundations. Leaders with the particular character tend to be highly
expressive, and they like to inspire their subordinates. Most of the people are
also attracted to the charismatic leaders, and many people can easily identify
with them (Jacquart & Antonakis, 2015). The leaders with particular
personality tend to develop clear visions for their subordinates. They utilize
expression and impression management skills, and this assists them to connect
with the people. Another important factor of these leaders is that they mostly
use messages to gain followers. Therefore, they are careful with the words they
use; they mainly develop particular strategies that assist them in developing
compelling messages. So as to attract their followers, they tend to state their
moral certainty; they also differentiate what is valid from what is wrong, and
they also develop high and motivated goals.

also helps leaders in developing effective communication styles (Işık, &
Üzbe, 2015). Some leaders have controlling nature whereby, they assume that
they control their fate. Others may believe that external aspects control them.
Such leaders communicate in a relaxed manner, and this may affect job
satisfaction (Solaja, Idowu & James, 2016). They also lack management
skills, and they do not own to their mistakes. Leaders with the particular
personality tend to blame their subordinates for their poor performance. However,
leaders who assume that they control their destiny have excellent leadership
skills. They are friendly and have effective communication skills that help
them in achieving high job satisfaction. They take responsibility for the
company’s performance; they also rely on regular job evaluation.  Other leaders feel that they are different
from their subordinate. They have authoritative personality and tend to be
exploitive. They avoid change and have negative communication style.


plays a major role in leadership and their management outcome. Different
leaders have diverse leadership styles that affect their subordinates’
performance. Some leaders relate well with their subordinates while other have
a negative relationship with them. For instance, charismatic leaders connect
well with those below them. However, some leaders are authoritative and do not relate
well with their subordinates.


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