Persuasive analytical essay

Assessment Task Advice Sheet
Introduction to Academic Communication 2
Term 2 2019
Persuasive Analytical Essay
The persuasive-analytical essay, which is worth 30% of the overall marks for the unit, assesses your ability
to critically read and analyse academic texts to produce an academic evidence-based argument in an
appropriate essay structure. The essay is to be approximately 1200 words (+/- 10%) in length. It is to be
submitted through Turnitin by 11:50pm on Sunday 15th September, 2019 –Week 10.
This exercise assesses the learning outcomes 1 (Critically read and analyse academic texts), 2 (Summarise
the main points of arguments), 3 (source and cite evidence using the conventions of academic research), 4
(apply the moves of a persuasive-analytical essay), 5 (produce well structured, logical, coherent and
cohesive responses to writing tasks) and 6 (produce an academic evidence-based argument).
• Both the research and written components of the task must be completed individually.
• You must write an essay following the structure of a persuasive analytical essay as identified in
• Your essay must address the following question:
Respond to the statement ‘The internet is creating a generation of anti-social youth’. In
your response, critically analyse how young people use online technologies.
• In this essay you are required to take a position in the debate as a result of your research and to
support your position using your own evidence-based arguments.
• You are required to use a minimum of four (4) academic texts (compulsory), and a maximum of
six (6) academic texts (recommended). It is also a requirement that you include the text that you
used for your Annotated Bibliography assessment task (assessment 1) and at least two texts that
you have located yourself.
• All sources need to be cited appropriately in-text, with a matching bibliographic reference in a
reference list.
• The total word count of direct quotations must not exceed 10% of the essay length.
• Submissions must be within +/- 10% of the allocated word count.
Marking Criteria
When marking this task, the following criteria will be assessed:
• Clear and cohesive arguments
• Persuasive-analytical structure
• Use and relevance of evidence
• Written expression
• Referencing using the nominated style
• Use 12 point Times New Roman font
• Use double line spacing except for the reference list, which should be single line spaced, with
a double line space between entries.
Include a cover page which identifies:
• Your name
• Your student id
• Your teacher’s name
• Your course
• The word count excluding the reference list
• The referencing style used
Repeating Students: You must make changes to your arguments in CONSULTATION WITH
• Penalties for plagiarism will be applied based on the extent of matching as identified by
Turnitin after adjusting to exclude small matches, the Title Page, the Reference List, in-text
references and any other matches (text) that do not constitute plagiarism
• A penalty of 10% per calendar day applies for submissions made after the due date and time
unless an extension has been granted
• A penalty of 10% will be deducted from your final mark for texts which are outside the
range of plus or minus 10% of the stipulated word length. The word length does not
include the title page or reference list
Additional Notes
You should begin your reading and note-taking as early as possible.
Your writing should reflect the research you have conducted by presenting an in-depth
understanding of the topic and providing academic evidence to support your arguments. Search in
libraries and online databases for suitable material, e.g. books or peer reviewed journal articles plus
material available in the workbook and on vUWS.
It is highly recommended that you submit your essay through Turnitin and check for matchings at
least once before the final submission date, as penalties for poor paraphrasing are severe

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