Plasp before and after school program


part 1: Introduction and Description of Program It is suggested to use your your field placement setting, or another program of your choice that you are familiar with in practice. You will gather information on the program by talking to staff/director and reading program materials, such as brochures, manuals, mission statement and website. Your description of the program should include: – History of the program (e.g., how long it has been operating?, what is the program model?; why it was developed?) – Who does the program target (e.g., age of children, parents/caregivers) – Program goals Part 2: Description of the Theoretical Framework(s) of the Program Based on the information gathered in Part 1, determine the theoretical framework that you feel has inspired the program (program may use an eclectic approach, and as such, may have more than one theory present in its current approach). Explain the theory/ theories philosophical assumptions: – How does the theory explain how children learn? – (How) does the theory explain how play supports learning? – (How) does the theory explain how early childhood practitioners and environment facilitate play and learning (Dietze, 2006, pg. 95)? – Possible Theoretical Frameworks *(the following are examples, and NOT an exhaustive list – there are numerous theories you could draw on): – Socio-Cultural Theory (Vygotsky)- Progressive Education Theory (Dewey)- Attachment Theory (Bowly)- Cognitive Developmental Theory (Piaget) – The theory may not explicitly state what its assumptions are on the above components, you will need to make inferences and provide support for these thoughts within your paper with examples. Part 3: Program Adherence – Does the current program follow the theoretical framework(s) on which it was based? Provide examples to illustrate how the program does or does not follow the theoretical framework(s). Part 4: Conclusion – Summarize the points you have made throughout the paper in one or two paragraphs. FORMAT OF ASSIGNMENT Using the information collected regarding the program, each student will submit a report that includes Part 1, 2, 3, and 4 as outlined above. Please use headings to separate the sections and subsections. Reference all sources of information including program staff comments (to protect confidentiality just use initials). The report should be no longer than 7 pages, typed using 12 point font with one inch margins on all sides, double spacing, and following APA 6th edition formatting for in-text citations and references.

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