Public Health Implications of Disaster (core requirement) & Homeland Security (elective course)

Public Health Implications of Disaster (core requirement) & Homeland Security (elective course)

These two courses are: Public Health Implications of Disaster (core requirement) & Homeland Security (elective course).
As per our recent message, I have this order for week 4 belonging to the course of Homeland Security and Defense for the program of my master which is Disaster Medicine and management. There is NO order for Public Health this week, so please just concentrate on this order.
– I will start with the course description (taken from the syllabus I’ve sent you before): DMM 612 Foundations of Homeland Security and Defense The United States has embraced the homeland security monolith having neither fully understood nor tamed all that it encompasses. This challenging course provides a broad overview of homeland security and homeland defense as undertaken in the United States since 9/11 and under different administrations. The goal is to provide the generally accepted body of knowledge required of the homeland security professional. The course focuses on four areas: the enemy, why they hate us, and the threat they pose; the policies and procedures enacted since 9/11; the key players at the federal, state and local levels; and legal issues critical to the conduct of homeland security and defense activities by the National Guard. The student will be gain an understanding in asymmetric thinking, develop an appreciation for the growing body of literature in the discipline of homeland security, and have the opportunity to examine a key issue in depth through a term research paper.
– The required Textbooks for this course (please see the syllabus 1. Forst, Brian – Terrorism, Crime, and Public Policy, ISBN: 978-0-521-67642-7 2. Harmon, C.C., Pratt, A.N., Gorka, S. – Toward a Grand Strategy Against Terrorism, ISBN: 978-0-07-352779-6
-The topic of this week, Wk 4: Terrorist organization and strategy

1. Terrorist organizations have operated in remarkably similar ways since the advent of modern terrorism in 1968. Understanding the rationale behind how these organizations work internally, both because of their clandestine nature and in relation to external pressures is important for those who wish to impact terrorist’s effectiveness.

2. Assigned Readings
a. Harmon 1.2
b. Deterrence and Influence
c. Terror Trends: 40 Years’ Data on International and Domestic Terrorism (
d. Emerging Threats and Security Planning (Soft Targets, Back in Focus (

– The assignment of this week is to answer two questions, which are:
1-Our strategies permit us unilateral, preemptive action. Does this justify action against Iran or North Korea with their nuclear programs? Does the national security strategy make us appear to the international community as aggressive, loners, passive, or cooperative?
2-How will we know if our homeland security strategies are a success? What should we establish as gauges of success?

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