Research Paper Topics on Culture

Public policy

I need a Statement of Purpose for a university application.
Program name: International Public Policy and Management
University: University of Southern California
“Your reasons for applying to the International Public Policy and Management Program and how you see the program contributing to your professional goals or personal growth.”
“Describe your academic interests and the skills or knowledge you hope to gain from the program.”
“Need to deep-dive into why are you doing this specific masters, start from general but you need to get specific as much you can. Even mention some notable alumni, professors, research done within the same masters program.”
The Statement of Purpose must cover these questions.
I will add my CV that way you will know me better in order to write this statement.
> Research about the program and university and find significant points that would add to my academic career, professional career, .. add prominent information as to why I would be the perfect addition to their student body
> As a person, I am someone who wants to be working on a international level with governments and/or NGO
> Maybe include something that has to do with sustainability? Because that is one of my interests


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