Research Paper Topics on Culture

reading respones

write three paragraphs
focusing on the following three areas. How you respond within each area is entirely up
to you; the questions are intended to be rough guidelines.
1. PROBLEM: What is the problem that is highlighted by the piece that you have
selected? How did it begin? Is it a global problem? From what perspective is the
problem being presented? What are competing perspectives on the problem?
2. ACTORS: Who are the primary actors that are highlighted in the piece? (states,
government agencies, corporations, NGOs, individuals, non-human animals)
What motivates each group of actors? Is there conflict between actor groups?
3. SOLUTIONS: What solutions does the piece propose? What would successful
mediation of a problem look like? What are the costs of effective solutions? What
are the costs of non-action?
Alternatively, if paragraphs aren’t your jam, feel free to paint a picture, draft a comic,
write a poem, compose a song, choreograph a dance, etc… Stories of environmental
harm often spark an emotional response – express yourself in whatever way most
inspires you. If you choose a creative route, depending on the level of abstraction, some
explanatory commentary might be necessary.

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