Research Methods

Research Methods

Natalie, I like that you have chosen to use both qualitative and quantitative
method. The utilization of both methods helps a person in meeting the purpose
of the entire research (Bazeley, 2015). The usage of the two approaches also
assists in strengthening the argument. It is important to keep in mind that in
the quantitative research the task is to observe the behavioral and mental
facts (Barnham, 2015). The use of qualitative research in the study would
assist in offering the interpretation. For instance, the use of measurement
scale is necessary for your project as it helps in data translation. It is also
critical to consider the types of questions that would be included in the
questionnaire. For instance, in the quantitative method, it is important to
utilize close ended questions. On the other hand, the qualitative method
supports the utilization of the open-ended questions.

Rudi, It is interesting that you took the time first to analyze different
research methods before deciding on what method to use. However, it is
important to put more emphasis on the data collection methods. The use of
open-ended questionnaires and interviews is necessary; nevertheless, you have
to ensure that the questions are well formulated. Lack of developing precise
research questions can affect the entire study Barnham, 2015). While conducting
an interview, it is not about your personal skills as an interviewer rather the
weight of the whole process lies with the development of the questions. It
would also be important to keep the data collected in a safe way. For instance,
you can store them on the computer and also record the entire interview. In
this case, during the data analysis process, it would be easy for you to
analyze (Bryman & Bell, 2015). You can use transcription method to analyze
the data collect through coding. The method will allow you in breaking down the
information into simple components.

Tim, I feel that you should put more focus on the research questions as they
play a major role in your whole project. For instance, you have highly relied
on close-ended questions, which I feel will not offer you enough information
regarding your topic of research. It is important to make the interview
interactive so as to get the best out of your research (Bryman & Bell,
2015).  Therefore, you can incorporate
the use of open-ended questions that would allow you to interact with the
participant. It is also vital to guarantee that the research questions are well
formulated. In this case, you should ensure that the questions are clear so as
to get the correct information.

Dawn, the use of the mixed method of research helps in strengthening your study.
Another disadvantage of the experimental survey is that data is likely to
change over time. Therefore, it is imperative to put more emphasis on the data
collected and the changes that might take place. It is important to use a
control group so as to collect precise information. The control group will
assist in comparing information gathered (Bryman & Bell, 2015). During the
research, it is important to think deeply about the data collection method.
Qualitative analysis needs one to be attentive especially when observing. The
coding process of data analysis should also be well undertaken to ensure that
you reach a well-defined conclusion. The coding process will help in breaking
down the data collected during the entire research. 


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