Running Through the 6

One of the best rap music artists out there right now is Aubrey Graham; better known by his stage name, Drake. Aubrey Graham grew up in the streets of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Drake is 28 years old and currently resides in Miami, Florida. About two weeks ago, Drake came out with a new mixtape called; If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late. This mixtape is by Drake but it also features some other rappers throughout the album such as Party Next Door, Lil Wayne, and Travi$ Scott. This mixtape consists of 17 songs: Legend, Energy, 10 Bands, No Tellin’, Madonna, 6 God, Star67, Preach (which ft. Party Next Door), Wednesday Night Interlude, Used To (which ft. Lil’ Wayne), 6 Man, Now & Forever, Company (which ft. Travi$ Scott), You & The 6, Jungle, 6 PM In New York, and last but not least; my favorite song on the mixtape, Know Yourself. Most of his songs are about him growing up in the streets of Toronto during the early 2000’s. This mixtape was released about two weeks ago and it was a long awaited mixtape. The reason I listened to this mixtape was because of twitter and because of almost every social media network out there. I also listened to it because I have been a fan of most of Drake’s previous mixtapes, albums and songs. So, I thought I would give this mixtape a try because of all the hype; and I did just that, and really enjoyed the songs and now listen to the mixtape in the car while I drive.

Generally, most of Drake’s songs from his albums or mixtapes are usually either really sad songs or they are about his life growing up. Sometimes I get annoyed with his sad songs, but this new mixtape did not have many of these sad songs. Instead most of these songs in the new mixtape were about his life and would be known and called by the youth population today as “bangers.” Before I heard this album, I already knew Aubrey Graham was born and raised in Toronto and that his father is Jewish and his mother is African-American. Because of knowing this, you would know that Aubrey Graham is not as “hard” as other rappers or as “ghetto” as other rappers.

The best song on the mixtape was definitely Know Yourself. This song is about his life in Toronto in his teenage years. In the song he says “I was running through the 6 with my woes.” It took me a while to understand what he meant by this line, but thanks to some help from some friends I began to understand. Here is the explanation, by “the 6”, he means Toronto because Toronto is known as the 6. And by woes, he means his homies or friends. So pretty much he is running through Toronto with his friends doing hoodrat things.

I believe that this mixtape is one of the best ones he has ever made and it is one of the best mixtapes that has been released in the past few months. I think he should have put a few more songs on the album and made it a little more than 20 songs. Other than that the mixtape was awesome and I will listen to it until I get bored.
If you like Drake or even Rap and Hip Hop, you will love this mixtape. If you are a true music fan you should listen to this mixtape. Every teenager or young adult should listen to this mixtape and would enjoy the music presented on the mixtape.

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