The Emotionally Healthy Church. Grand Rapids: Zondervan


1. Scazzero, Peter. The Emotionally Healthy Church. Grand Rapids: Zondervan,

    2010. ISBN: 9780310293354.

Discussion Board Forum 3 Questions


The paper must comply with the current Turabian writing style, be 2–3 double-spaced pages per book, and include 3 citations using footnotes.

1 .Each paper will consist of 2 parts. In the first half of the paper, discuss at least 4 concepts, principles, or insights from the text(s).
2. The second half will then explain the application and implementation of the first section in your personal and corporate ministry settings.
3.  Special emphasis must be given to transferring the elements to the corporate setting.
4.  Follow the prompts in the grading rubric.

Additional Writing Guides for the Paper from the Instructor

  The following link is to the Seminary writing guide page. You can find links to the accepted title page for assignments and a sample paper.

I include some important information concerning your writing in the following material.

      The assignments for the class are academic assignments which are to comply with the Turabian guidelines, including not using first person.  You may use the first person on the discussion boards, the journal, the application section of the book critique and reading reflection assignments, and the spiritual growth plan.

To make the best possible grade on your writing assignments you will need to meet the following criteria:

•Follow the instructions completely. Be sure to reference any materials specified in the instructions. The projects are related to the reading assignments. Therefore, you must reference sources beyond your own opinion.
•The course reading materials are a key element of your class; therefore, you must interact with the readings and utilize them in your assignments.
•Give proper citations for references. Use footnotes following the Turabian format.
• Write the prescribed length of paper. If the length is not specified then make sure to adequately address the issue, fulfilling all the elements of the instructions.
•Use proper grammar. Common mistakes include: Run-on sentences (shorter is usually better.); Incomplete sentences; Antecedent/ pronoun conflicts; and, Subject/ verb agreement.  Proper nouns are capitalized, i.e., Bible, adjectives are not, i.e., biblically.
•Though the office of pastor is an honorable position it is not a proper noun and is not to be capitalized unless preceding an individual’s name.
•Italicize names of books, etc, conforming to Turabian. This includes the bibliography. Do not underline titles.
•Double space, indenting paragraphs, without extra space between paragraphs, using Times New Roman 12 font.

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