The Higher Education of African American Women

The Higher education of African American women

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The Higher education of African American women

Higher education has been the main source of American wonders. This has been encouraged by the ongoing aspiration for the educated to access the American citizenry in conjunction with upward mobility fueled and expanded by educational opportunities.

The Higher education of African American women
The Higher education of African American women

It is only such aspirations that give the African Americans the courage to spend more time in education than usual. As evident, education has become a central factor in the American way of life; a factor which motivated the African American women further.

It is also believed that universities and colleges have become part and parcel of the African American women ambition to realize the American dream by growing their income as well as accessing higher professions.

Borrowing from the evident literature, higher education has been an eye opener in American life since the 20th century and hence the African American women are not exceptional in this setting.

Working Thesis.

Higher education of African American women leads to happiness because it helps them to grow their income and get better access to professions, and hence it helps them to realize their American dream.

Higher education of African American women helps them to realize their American dream because education serves them with many professionally oriented opportunities, economic independence and social independence; all which results to happiness.

Higher education of African American women leads to happiness through the realization of the American dream because it gives growing enthusiasm, independence, expansion of facilities, and change in lifestyle, growing their income and increasing their access to professionalism.

American dream has been a central factor in the American values system and it has significantly helped populations to the access of American culture. According to the current literature on the American dream, it has been valued that subgroups of black American women have developed their own unique perceptions of what mainly constitutes the American dream.

Researcher have also asserted that higher education is the only breakthrough to the American dream; a factor which has been shared by both classic definitions as well as the educated black Americans in relation with the desire for the American dream.

In many settings, the American dream is seen as a mythic structure. As such it is featured with a collection of ideas and believes in freedom, prosperity as well as the opportunity to achieve goals of becoming rich, accessing the American lifestyle while creating a safe and perfect environment for making families among other social features.

With this literature, the African American women argue that the only means to achieve the American dream is through education.

In addition, educated African American women believe that America is the only land of opportunities; thus, if one is virtuous and works hard, she can possibly achieve wealth and success and hence the American dream.

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The Higher education of African American women

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