The Progressive Era

Progressive Era

is necessary for the government to take control so as to safeguard the
interests of the public. For instance, should be involved in our daily business
so as to protect us from the risen insecurity. During the progressive era, the
government was involved in making various reforms. The different governments
had various visions for the country. They wanted to end alcohol consumption and
enhance the educational system. One of the reformers was Woodrow Wilson; he
called for reforms in the education system. They also wanted to enact various
economic reforms. President Theodore Roosevelt wanted to expand the United
States’ territory so as to gain economic supremacy (Foner 706).

the current government should get involved so as to increase security. However,
there should be a law to regulate how much the government should get involved.
The government should ensure that criminals cannot get access to people’s
personal information. The terrorists have changed their tactics, whereby, they
are using the internet to carry out their activities. The public does not have
the capability of controlling the terrorists’ activities; therefore, it is
necessary for the private sector and the government to collaborate so as to
safeguard the people. The internet is also a critical part of the country’s
economy; hence, the government should be allowed to control it.  Another sector that the government should be
authorized to control is the economic sector. Roosevelt led the country to war
so as it can gain economic sovereignty (Foner 706).
It shows that the government was involved in people’s business so as the entire
population can benefit. However, there should be a limit to the government’s
involvement. They should allow individuals enjoy some of their privacy rights.


Foner, Eric. Give Me
Liberty!: An American History
. New York: W.W. Norton & Co, 2014.


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