The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

Compare America to Earlier Empires

Empires to compare to:
> – BRITISH EMPIRE The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper




– How it arose historically
– What are the pillars (What are the strengths that the empire rests on)
-Include the power of:
– Economic
– Technological (Being more advanced than other countries)
– Military
– Cultural
– Political and International Institutions

> And also:
> – What are the challenges U.S. faces? Is it likely to decline as an empire the way other empires did in the past?The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

REQUIRED READING FOR THIS ESSAY: James Laxer, “The Perils of Empire”

The flamboyant state of most prosperous states and nations can be attributed to their ability to command influence over other governments and authorities. The United States is perceived as a nation that is founded upon the proposition that superiority rests upon the capabilities of its citizens. The consideration of this country as a super power stems from the fact that its government has been able to wield sufficient military and economic might to fly higher than other nations combined. There are numerous pundits that have tried to label other countries as mightier than America in one way or the other. However, the fact remains that the United States still remains at the forefront when it comes to the crucial pillars of any country.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

This makes it dominant in the current period as well as in the unforeseen future. The rise of America to become a global empire traces its genesis to many years back when the World War One had still not occurred. Flash-forward to the present day, there are infinite reasons that can still be outlined as to what makes this country remain in the lead. From its currency status to the establishment of prestigious learning institutions, America will always be celebrated as an empire capable of rocking the globe. This paper provides an analytical and comprehensive essay that documents reasons why America rose to become a global empire.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

  1. Historical Rise of the American Empire

The overall rise of a country and is subsequent ascent to power is usually a cocktail of vital factors and tactful planning. The United States is a country that has managed to establish itself as both a super power and influential economy since the early times (Coates, 2014). The dynamic nature of this country’s economy is one of the integral factors that has enabled the state to become pivotal when it comes to global politics and events (Paul, 2011). The path to success for this nation was spearheaded through the continuous process of applying power to virtually all sectors of the country’s activities (Reedy, 2010).

The rise to power for America began when the country decided that is was essential to have robust policies and reform processes. This was witnessed in the late 19th Century when new foreign policies were drafted so as to govern the process of regional and localized intervention. At the same time, the military pillars were also strengthened such that this was used to secure vital interests for the United States (Starrs, 2013). Additionally, the ascension to power for America was aided by the influence that this country gained over other nations. The fact that America was the leading country in terms of international diplomacy give the nation an upper hand when it came to swaying global events towards its favor (Starrs, 2013).The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

There are numerous incidences that are valuable in elucidating how America was able to ascend to power within a very short time span. One of these factors is the economic growth and the available resources that in turn affected foreign policies and neighboring states. The economic power of the American nation set a very robust and rigorous foundation for complete takeover of the global events (Farish, 2015). There are leaders that were able to positively facilitate and pursue strategies that were instrumental in empowering this western nation. Additionally, the immense wealth that the United States possessed was a driving force that drew the country closer to the top position when it comes to power and influence (Garrod, 2015).The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

The presidents, politicians and top decision makers within America were also enlightened such that their visions and missions were in sync towards the daily crusade of remaining in power. A classic example is the case of McKinley who was responsible for shaping the American nation such that trade and security was placed at the forefront (Garrod, 2015). McKinley understood that one way of empowering a nation is allowing it to prosper in terms of business such that a trading hub is established both regionally and internationally. The massive exchange of goods and services in turn meant that there was continuous cash flow at all times. This directly translated to increased revenue for the economy and this served to strengthen the country’s business sector as well as the local currency. At the same time, McKinley devoted a large share of his efforts towards the enforcement of security (Klein, 2012).

This means that stability had to be enjoyed in all angles whether it was political, social or even cultural. This is one of the crucial ways in which foreign investors are able to gain trust in a country and subsequently commit themselves into forming bilateral trade agreements. Theodore Roosevelt was one of the American presidents who was very vocal and conspicuous when it came to transforming and revolutionizing this nation (Laxer, 2010). One of the significant creations of Roosevelt as a sitting American president was the construction of the Panama Canal. The latter was meant to enhance military efforts and defense strategies so that foreign enemies would be avoided at all costs. In addition, this canal provided a safe retreat and harbor for the American military soldiers and they were able to obstruct their enemies (Laxer, 2010).

Additionally, Roosevelt was also instrumental towards America rising to power because he worked on diplomatic relations with other countries. The relationship that was established among diplomats during the reign of Roosevelt made the country become more influential and domineering (Laxer, 2010). At the same time, it was also important for the presidents of this country to possess some leadership traits that would propel the country to greater heights. For instance, the beliefs, ideologies and values of a leader greatly determined whether America would remain powerful and for how long. Luckily, virtually all ruling and outgoing presidents that have served in America have been servant leaders that considered the needs of their citizens first.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

The First World War was one of the political and geographical events that assisted the United States in establishing itself as a powerful sovereign state among the already existing global powers (Laxer, 2010). The effective timing, planning and execution of this war and the participation of America propelled the country to sit at the top of the world order. The First World War began in the year 1917 and the Americans orchestrated this event so that they could scare away existing superpowers such as the Germans and the British (Kroes, 2014). The United States made major contributions to this war in terms of military supplies, solders, ammunition and even weaponry.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

This was meant to ensure that Americans emerged as the winners so that their top position as a powerful nation would not be compromised. Initially, there was a lot of foreign investment that was taking place in America before the First World War was staged. This investment brought in a lot of benefits such that there was a lot of cash flow and monetary circulation  (Moran, 2014). Hence, the American government saw the war as a perfect opportunity to expand this income. By the end of the 1920’s, America was experiencing massive growth in virtually all sectors of the economy. There was increased investment by almost fourfold and more foreign nations were forming trade agreements with this state. What’s more, America was now enjoying supply of raw materials and essential commodities required for manufacturing and processing industries.

Materials such as fiber, metal, steel, food and fuel was becoming readily available and it was coming in bulk (Panitch et al, 2015). The availability of these items made this western country to be revered by other nations. In fact, the income and revenue that the United States was generating in the 1920’s was greater than that of Germany, France, Japan and Canada combined (Parisot, 2013). This is one of the factors that contributed to the rapid rise of America into becoming a global system and power. The following part of the essay addresses specific pillars that aided the United States to become both a global economy and super power in many ways than one.

  1. Pillars And Strengths That The American Empire Rests Upon
  2. i) Economic Power

Economic dynamism is one of the fundamental parameters that serves as a prerequisite for becoming a global power. The growth of the economy between the late 19th century and the early 20th century was a direct implication for its ascent to power (Kroes, 2014). Furthermore, the expansion of the economy was very instrumental towards ensuring that America obtained more power than other countries so that they would be able to establish a domineering nation. This started with financing the military defense forces, the marine and the navy. This ensured that the military docket was sufficiently equipped to deal with all invaders both foreign and domestic (Panitch et al, 2015).The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

At the same time, economic empowerment meant that trade and co-operation would be scaled higher, especially from the international angle. The American government also concentrated its efforts towards attracting immigrants such that they would be able to provide more manpower to serve in the agricultural sector (Kroes, 2014). This in turn led to the flourishing of the horticulture and farming activities such that there was enough food for local consumption and foreign export (Panitch et al, 2015). Historical scholars assert that the source of wealth for this western state was mainly obtained and linked to both geography and geology. The former aspect mainly concentrated on the farmland such that America endeavored to produce most of the food commodities they consumed (Panitch et al, 2015).The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

In addition, large-scale farming was encouraged so that more revenue would be earned from exports. In terms of geology, the territory of America was laden with minerals, oil and valuable rocks that fetched high prices in the international market. Most of these wares were sold to the domestic markets or international ones through railway lines, sea routes or other trading channels (Cohen, 2012). At the same time, the geographic location of America is also another advantage that still enables the country to progress faster and become more influential from a global perspective. This is in comparison to other European states that do not enjoy the same level of security as America does. The economy of the United States was also expanded by individuals who were enlightened on different aspects of a country  (Go, 2013).The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

A classic example are renowned scholars such as Rockefeller, Morgan and Carnegie who were successful in establishing institutions and programs that cultivated the habit of continuous learning and research. In the process, these people were also able to amass a large quantity of wealth that was meant to cater for the technological innovations they were working upon together with their respective organizations (Goedeken, 2012). Likewise, elite people that belonged to the political and economic spheres of the American nation were willing and able to invest their wealth into development and research. Moreover, most of these elite individuals built learning institutions that were meant to offer superior modes and programs of learning. Additionally, this was able to expand their firms and corporations as well as various economies of scale (Panitch et al, 2015).The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

The introduction of innovations in technology was able to ameliorate the methods used in manufacturing and processing. At the same time, it was able to enhance infrastructure where better roads, railways and transport systems were established. This translated into better quality performance and quality of products for the majority of the industries. The increased potential and capability of America as a nation was able to facilitate the undertaking of major projects that had both huge commercial and economic value (Go, 2013). The creation of the Panama Canal by Theodore Roosevelt was able to draw massive international attention despite the challenges faced in its construction. Additionally, famous icons such as Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers and other ancient scientists and scholars placed America on a better position on the map (Cohen, 2012).

The discovery of important drugs, principles and gadgets reflected the positive ability that America had when it came to technological innovations. Presently, the United States has still been able to maintain an impressive lead in its economic activities.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

Figure 1: Graph showing the ranking of the American economy compared to other global countries.

At the beginning of the 20th century, statistics showed that 40% of the global wealth was concentrated to America only. On the contrary, countries such as Germany and Britain were only able to amass a smaller percentage of wealth (Goedeken, 2012). This means that the national income of America was able to surpass four economies combined. In the current age, the American economy is considered as the bedrock of the international financial system. This is because more than 80% of all monetary transactions that are conducted worldwide are done so using the American currency or the dollar (Goedeken, 2012).  This means most countries place a lot of faith on the American currency as they believe in its stability as well. As such, the United States is one of the few countries whose economy is impossible to beat and conquer. In fact, America’s economy is more superior to that of China since the per capacita index of both countries is wide apart  (Goedeken, 2012).The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

The successful reign of America as an economic power was able to pave way for other forms of power such as military, political and technological ones. The witty utilization of wealth on American soil is one of the factors that has allowed this state to assume a leading role in terms of being an international system and global power.

  1. Technological Power

It is indisputable that America is one of the leading countries when it comes to technological innovations and discoveries. The leading technological giants are mainly based in America and they operate as multinational corporations with regional branches across the world. The renowned companies such as Google, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Visa and even Coca-Cola are associated with immense success and prosperity (Starrs, 2013).The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper



Figure 2: Table showing the top technological firms based in America.

Moreover, eight out of the nine technology based firms are located in the United States. This shows that there is a growing trend when it comes to innovation for this western state. In the past, America was highly concerned with being too dependent on other countries for its own energy (Laxer, 2010).  As a result, they worked hard into ensuring they become the leading producer of fuel. Presently, the United States produces the largest amount of natural gases such as methane and oil used to drive machinery and automobiles (Farish, 2015). This was made possible with the introduction of hydraulic fracturing, which is a process that creates large amounts of fuel and renewable energy (Kroes, 2014).

Technological power for America can also be considered when it comes to creation of the best facilities and institutions of higher learning. The research colleges and universities in America are known to be top-notch such that they allow the country to focus on ingenuity whenever the need arises.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

Figure 3: Table showing the rankings of academic institutions in America and their position on a global scale.

The existence of superior academic institutions means that Americans are able to become equipped with quality knowledge and learning concepts. The citizens of this country are privileged to learn and graduate at the world’s best locations of academic premier. The technological innovations also spreads out to the mobile industry, communication and service sector (Laxer, 2010). America has managed to become synonymous with most of the well-recognized brands when it comes to communication (Laxer, 2010). This factor has been able to place the country ahead of its counterparts and assume the number one spot in the global rank of powerful nations.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

  1. Military Power

The superiority of America as a military power is a fact that remains unrivaled even up to date. The United Nations is known to account for more than 40% of its spending when it comes to procuring military gear and equipment. In fact, it is estimated that America spends four times on its military armor compared to China (Panitch et al, 2015). Additionally, this western nation has been able to dominate across all geographical boundaries such as the airspace, land, sea and even the astronomical space (Laxer, 2010). The superiority of America from a military angle can be seen in the nature and extent at which this country has been able to fund wars and battles in war stricken countries such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Central African Republic and even South Sudan.

The presence of American military in these states is enough evidence of how America has managed to remain top of its game. Moreover, the country has also managed to deter stubborn terrorists and other hostile nations. Additionally, the military might of America comes in handy in terms of its weaponry, ammunitions as well as fighting equipment (Klein, 2012).The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

This country prides itself in having some of the best military ships, submarines and fighting jets. Moreover, the soldiers and army men are well trained to handle any kind of opposition in the battle field. The budget estimates place America’s spending on military at roughly six hundred billion dollars on an annual basis. This amount is more than the top ten military super powers such as Russia, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Israel and Korea combined  (Moran, 2014).

Moreover, America enjoys having military advantages such as having more than 20 fleet of aircraft carriers. This is in comparison to just 12 carriers that are operated in unison with all other countries. The presence of this massive carriers allows America to enjoy a leading position in military influence on a global scale (Go, 2013). This fact also makes this country a super power in the sense that these aircrafts are made from cutting edge technology. In turn, America remains a global system because its military ability is higher than that of any other country on the map.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

  • Cultural Power

The United States is known for heavy spending when it comes to funding cultural events and occasions. Cultural events such as annual thanksgiving and Halloween are often associated with America and they come with a lot of financial expenses (Go, 2013). For instance, the beginning of the 21st century saw America spend over more than 380 million dollars on pet costumes alone. The latter were meant to cater for various cultural events that are held annually in America. Cities such as Carolina, Texas and Ohio are known to religiously follow and adhere to the celebration of cultural events (Cohen, 2012).

Additionally, America is ranked at the top when it comes to the culture of philanthropy. In fact, this country commits a large chunk of its income and earnings to volunteer organizations and provision of foreign aid to other countries. Hence, this illustrates the fact that the United States enjoys a life that is unparalleled by other countries globally (Go, 2013). At the same time, the culture of Americans is dominant across most countries in the world. This ranges from their language, religion, clothing, fashion sense and even diet.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

The English language is spoken in virtually all countries and is considered an important medium of communication in global events (Klein, 2012). What’s more, this language is officially used in learning institutions such that it has actually become an examinable subject and degree course as well. In terms of diet, many people worldwide have adopted American foods such as pizza, burgers and fries to an extent that most people actually know how to prepare them (Klein, 2012).

The music industry in America also contributes to promoting their culture where other musicians find it hard to penetrate into this industry. Additionally, the fashion sense of dressing in jeans and t-shirts was an initial discovery and creation of the Americans (Moran, 2014). However, this has since spread out to other countries to a very large extent. The combination of the strength and ability of America in terms of economy, politics and even technological innovation, the end result is a privileged position as a super power state.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

  1. Political and International Institutions

Political power is an aspect that comes in many different dimensions for most countries across the world. The United States was able to establish its political influence through offering foreign aid to needy nations. This was seen as a rapid measure to cement political ties and at the same time have impact on the global political front (Kroes, 2014). In previous years, the United States has been known to roll out millions of dollars to countries that are in need of financial assistance. The year 2013 saw America spend more than 30 billion dollars on foreign aid alone (Laxer, 2010). The provision of this money comes on condition that the receipt and benefiting country offers their political support and cooperation. Hence, this makes America enjoy is global influence by having other countries curled around its index finger. The condition for receiving this aid requires the countries to have their own political stability so that the money is not wasted away in solving unwanted issues (Laxer, 2010).The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

Additionally, the presence of immigrants and foreign citizens in America depicts the power this country holds in terms of improving livelihoods. It is estimated that at least 48 million people living in America are foreigners and they were born in another country. This statistic places America as the leading nation in terms of harboring foreigners (Laxer, 2010).

The fact that America is viewed as the most ideal place to establish a successful life makes the country a powerful nation globally.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

  1. Comparison of the American Empire to the Roman and British Empires

There are a number of similarities that can be drawn from the American empire as a super power and that of Roman and British Empires. One of the common denominators with all these empires is the fact that they commanded influence from other states by taking over economies, ways of life and cultures of their target nations (Laxer, 2010). The Americans and British were able to become influential because they were colonial masters across all continents. At the same time, they all had authoritarian rulers that were able to steer the countries forward.

The Roman Empire was able to exist and rule for the longest time because the leadership was mainly dictatorial. In addition, the rulers took over territories and countries forcefully such that the people were forced to obey to their commands or face imminent death (Klein, 2012). However, the American empire did not incorporate such strict and harsh measures and this explains why it has managed to remain dominant to date.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

  1. Challenges Faced By America That Are Likely To Threaten Its Survival As A Global Empire And Super Power.

The fall of America as a super power is mainly attributed to the rapid ascension of other countries to the top position. Countries such as China, Japan, Russia, Britain and Australia are quickly rising to catch up with America. At the same time, the current economic status of America and its state of politics are challenges that threaten its survival as a super power (Moran, 2014). The fact that countries like China are creating their own technological giants such as Baidu and mobile companies shows that the gap between America and other countries will soon close in within a short lifespan. Moreover, many countries disagree with American policies when it comes to trade, lifestyle and governance.

The recent legalization of some of the most controversial processes, cultures and activities has left enough questions in the mindset of most nations (Moran, 2014).       This has in turn created a wave of revolution that is expected to span throughout a number of countries and come up with a new way of running the world. Consequently, the next few years are expected to be characterized by uncertainty as it cannot be clearly predicted whether America will remain as a leading super power from the global eye.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

  1. Conclusion

The United States is one of the countries that has been able to enjoy vast privileges when it comes to power and influence. This fact has been made possible through the combination of pillars that propel any forward driven country. For America, economic empowerment has enabled the country to enjoy diplomatic leverage such that more foreigners express their willingness to invest on a long term basis. Moreover, America is one of the countries that has enjoyed bulk production of resources such as crude oil, coal, renewable energy and raw materials such that there is enough for local use as well as export purposes.

The construction of the Panama Canal by Theodore Roosevelt acted as a driving force for the expansion of trade activities. At the same time, all the presidents who served in this country did so based on their enlightened ideas, visions as well strategies they possessed as leaders.The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper


The combination of these qualities was instrumental in materializing the dream of growing the technological and economic pillars of this western nation. At the same time, the United States prides itself in having one of the well laid out military operations. The aircraft, weaponry as well as submarines used in the combat zones illustrates the powerful state of machinery that is in possession of the Americans.

The rise and occurrence of the First World War also aided America to rise to the top position globally. This is because it was able to strengthen its alliances with influential countries at the time such as China and Britain. Needless to say, the United States remains as an eminent global power and this has enabled the country to gain a substantial level of leverage when it comes to making decisions based on an international perspective. The Rise Of The American Global System- America As A Global Empire Essay Paper

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