What are exam performance scores of students?

Descriptive Data Analysis Using Preexisting Data Resources Website icon Descriptive Data Analysis Using Preexisting Data Scoring Guide. Website icon Writing Feedback Tool. Select one of the two following topic areas that you will use for the statistical analysis (descriptive, correlation, compare means, and predictive) assignments in this course. You are asked to use the same dataset, unless otherwise specified, for each of the assignments.

The topics are (select one):

Exam Anxiety in Students (the data set is called “Exam Anxiety”). Condom Use in an Adult Sex Education Class (the data set is called “condom”). For each topic there is a descriptive question, three correlation questions, three compare means questions, and a predictive question that you will analyze several times in various ways throughout the course.

For this assignment, using your chosen topic area, answer the descriptive question on your topic. To complete the assignment do the following:

Find the dataset you chose (“Exam Anxiety” or “condom”) from the file imported while you installed SPSS. Explain why you chose that data set. Once you have loaded the correct data file, select the Variable view for your dataset and explain the variable names, labels, values, and type of measure. Then, in order to answer the descriptive question (listed below) for your topic, you must complete the descriptive statistical analysis on the correct variable within your dataset. In SPSS, select Analyze, then Descriptive Statistics, then Frequency and then select the variable for analysis. Copy and paste the frequency table into a Word document. Write at least three sentences that answer your descriptive research question (noted below) based on your data analysis. Explain why the analysis you ran is the appropriate analysis to answer the descriptive question. Here is the descriptive question for each topic:

Exam Anxiety in Students (Exam Anxiety.sav dataset): What are exam performance scores of students? Condom Use in an Adult Education Class (Condom.sav dataset): What are the relationship safety scores of participants in an adult sex education class? When done, submit a Word document that includes the frequency table to this assignment. Read the Descriptive Data Analysis Using Preexisting Data Scoring Guide before submitting to make sure you have met all of the expectations of this assignment.

Note: The information from this assignment may be used to complete your course project in Unit 10.

Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click the linked resources for helpful writing information.



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