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What are your thoughts and feelings about your chosen CHC

Write a descriptive paper that describes your reflective process of thinking, feeling, and deepening your understanding and learning about a critical issue important to persons who live with a chronic health challenge (CHC). It is a descriptive paper so no analysis is required.

For my chronic health challenge, I choose “Diabetes”. It should be exactly 5 page essay not including title and reference page. Do not go over 5 pages or else teacher will not read it. The questions selected to be answered in the essay should be heading.


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Compose a 5-page description (excluding title page and references), double-spaced, about your issue of interest. Include your responses to at least 5 of the following questions. Please address the questions you find most interesting and/or troubling:

What are your thoughts and feelings about your chosen CHC?

What assumptions do you have about this challenge?

In your experience, what do people say or express about this issue–what are their stories and what have their stories taught you?

What has shaped your current views, feelings, and understandings about your CHC?

What does the research literature say about what people experience when living with the chronic health challenge you are interested in?

How will you relate, as a nurse, with a person living with this CHC? What will you focus on?

What issues of ethical relating might surface in practice that link with this CHC?

What does social justice have to do with your specific chronic health challenge?

How do the social determinants impact chronic health challenges in general?

Additional Instruction:

Format of the Paper: Use APA (6th ed.) format. Remember to use headings (the 5 questions you select could be a way to organize your paper with heading), write in sentences, and use correct grammar. Edit all papers carefully before handing in. The paper must be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman 12pt font. Use 1″ (2.5 cm) margins on all sides with left only justification. Each paper is not to exceed 5 pages excluding title page, reference list and appendices, and must be grammatically correct.

I will upload the marking rubric for this Paper when my teacher posts it on online.

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