World War 1

War 1

How did the US
try to stay out of the war and why did America finally enter it?

had a policy of neutrality, and many people wanted the country to stay out of
the war. The then President promised the public that he would ensure that
America would stay out of the war. However, he later changed his mind, and he
sympathized with his allies. He believed in upholding international security,
whereby, different countries would come together to protect one of their
partners in case of the war (Foner 722).  During that time, President Wilson was a
pro-British, and he saw the Germans as invaders. Therefore, the country entered
the war to protect its allies as well as its interests.

United States involvement was also encouraged by the Zimmerman letter. The
letter was directed to various states that the United States had annexed Foner.
German had promised the states that if they went to the United States, they
would be helped to get back the lands that were annexed. Wilson’s government
was annoyed by this letter, and they fastened their preparations to enter the
war (Foner
722). The United States also shared a
cultural bond with both England and France. Therefore, President Wilson started
a campaign that would convince the public to support its entry into the war.
The two states were also trade partners with the United States; therefore, they
felt that there was the need for the government to enter into the war. The U.S
also viewed German as its enemy; hence, it had to ensure that it protects its
economic interest. They also believed that German wanted to disrupt the
International peace; hence, it had to be stopped. Therefore, it was able to
convince the public to support the war against German, which, meant that they
had to join the World War one.

Discuss the
military and economic impact of America’s entry into WWI on the Allied side.
What impact did military involvement have on the American domestic economy
during the war and immediately after the war?

United States involvement in the First World War had a major impact on its
military and economy. Before its entry into the war, the United States lacked
enough military power; therefore, they had to plan and ensure that they
obtained enough power. They also had to look for ways to raise money so as they
could buy various weapons required to fight the German. However, the German
letter forced America to enter the war abruptly, which meant that they had to
ask for military support from the British and France. They also had significant
economic expenditure as most federal spending was used to support the military.
Its involvement in the war led to management issues as some of the individuals
were against the risen expenditure. On the other side, the military was
strengthened as most of the expenditure was directed to the military. The
United States improved the military weapons (Foner 749).
The United States was forced to close the stock exchange so as to avoid panic
selling. They felt that people had risen concerns about the government’s
expenditure on the war. The government had realized that their allies did not
have enough military power; therefore, they had to use all their resources so
as to defeat German. The government raised the taxes so as to raise enough
money to support its engagement in the war. The war also changed the finances
of the federal government. After the War, the United States experienced
significant economic boost as German suffered defeat (Foner 752).
There was a rise in demand for the American goods, and this strengthened its
economy. This encouraged major industrial development as well as farming. It
was easy for the people to acquire jobs which meant that there was an increased
household expenditure. The employment sector was improved, and this led to
greater freedom. 

Why did the
United States Senate reject the Treaty of Versailles and, thus, membership in
the League of Nations?

Congress was against the treaty; they argued that the United States would lose
its power if it joined the League of Nations. Therefore, the Congress called
for the minimization of the control of the League of Nation. The treaty was a
formal peace agreement that would allow the co-existence of the different
states and the end of First World War. German was blamed for the war;
therefore, the treaty supported the implementation of strict control against
the German. It would not be allowed to have more than one thousand men in the
military (Foner
746). The Congress was also against Wilson’s
aim of making the United States the policeman of the World.

claimed that there was no need for the country to be the policeman of the
world, they felt that it was not their business to interfere with other
nations’ war. They also argued that the United States could not choose the
country that they would support. 
Therefore, they opted to introduce a resolution that would help in
ending the war in Germany (Foner 748). Therefore, the main
reason for the rejection of the treaty was that it wanted its independence.
There was also tension between the President and Lodge also played a part in
the rejection of the treaty. Some of the people also felt that German was being
treated harshly; hence, they did not support the ratification of the treaty.
Wilson did not involve the Republicans in the treaty, and this led to a major
uproar in the Congress.


Eric. Give Me Liberty!: An American History. New York: W.W. Norton &
Co, 2014.


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